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Fireplace cleanup solutions for removing soot and stains

In the midst of a cold, damp winter, nothing says cozy better than a cheerful fire in the fireplace. But along with the lovely ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace comes…

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Many scams hit the area

I have had a great number of scam complaints from county residents this week. It appears that the familiar IRS scam has increased greatly. Many people are reporting that there…

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Soybean disease management – know your variety!

Much of our soybean disease pressure is weather dependent. If it rains at the right time – or doesn’t rain at the right time – problems occur. Two of our…

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Fertilizing grapes, rhubarb harvest and seedstalks

Fertilizing Grapes Year of planting: apply one-half cup of a 10-10-10 fertilizer per vine as growth begins in the spring. Repeat after one month. Fertilizers should be spread evenly from…

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