Life goes on

Have you ever thought about what happens after you die? I mean, what happens in the world, not with your soul. (I will leave that up to you).

A few weeks ago, I heard my pastor say that 20 minutes after a funeral, many of those in attendance will be shopping for groceries at Country Mart. Yes, life goes on.

I watch the news in the morning and when I hear of another terrorist attack, my reaction now is one of less surprise and more acceptance. Life goes on.

Is it possible to leave this world and leave something of yourself? Is it possible to leave a lasting legacy for the good of others?

Creating a Donor Advised Fund with your area community foundation can make this happen. Creating a family fund is just like having a private foundation — only better. A Donor Advised Fund will allow you to:

  • Involve generations of family in living generously — teach your children to be givers
  • Be effective in tax planning
  • Simplify charitable giving recordkeeping
  • Easily access your fund for gifting your church, schools and other charitable causes
  • Become a grant-maker — fund local projects that you wish to support
  • Give anonymously

The Greater Sabetha Community Foundation helps individual donors become organized and strategic in their giving while receiving tax benefits as the investment grows.

If you would like to leave something behind (besides your tombstone), consider establishing a legacy fund through GSCF. It is simple and you have all the control you wish to have now and later. Call us for more information, because life goes on!

To make a tax deductible contribution to any existing fund, go to, or mail your donation to GSCF, PO Box 111, Sabetha, KS 66534.

Leslie Scoby11 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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