Wild Times: Is it your right to hunt?

Have you as a hunter ever thought that maybe someday you would be forced to give up the activity that you inherited from your forefathers? Are you aware of all of the anti-hunting organizations out there currently at work attempting to totally eliminate all forms of hunting in order to save the poor, defenseless animals in the world?

If you think for one minute that I am exaggerating the issue with that statement then I would implore you to sit down at your computer and begin to do a little searching for yourself. Before I go any further, I want to inform you of what is coming up on the November ballot that you will be voting on. This ballot that will be before you in a couple of weeks contains a constitutional amendment.

In order to get this correct, I will be quoting directly from the website, ballotpedia.org, where I got my information.

“The Kansas Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment, also known as Constitutional Amendment 1, is on the Nov. 8 ballot in Kansas as a legislatively referred to constitutional amendment. Amendment 1 would provide the constitutional right to hunt, fish and trap to be subjected to regulations promoting wildlife conservation and management.

“Furthermore, public hunting and fishing would be the preferred method of wildlife management under the amendment. The amendment would be added to the Kansas Bill of Rights. In the Kansas Senate, the amendment received unanimous support. In the Kansas House of Representatives, all but seven Democrats voted to place the measure on the ballot.

“Following is an explanation of the initiative. This amendment is to preserve constitutionally the right of the public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife subject to reasonable laws and regulations. The right of the public to hunt, fish and trap shall not modify any provision of laws or statutes relating to trespass, eminent domain or any other private property rights. A vote for this proposition would constitutionally preserve the right of the public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife that has been traditionally taken by hunters, trappers and anglers.

“This public right is subject to state laws, rules and regulations regarding the management of wildlife and does not change or diminish common law or statutory rights relating to trespass, eminent domain or private property. A vote against this proposition would provide no constitutional right of the public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife. It would maintain existing laws, rules and regulations governing hunting, fishing and trapping.”

Wow! If you survived reading through that, then pay attention for a normal explanation!

There are currently 19 states in our country that have such an existing constitutional right for their residents. Is this really important and worth spending the thousands of dollars to put before the voters?

Yes! If we don’t have this constitutionally guaranteed right, organizations such as the Humane Society and the Audubon Society will make an attempt to end the sport we love and cherish. Do not believe what these organizations tell you! Their goal is to shut down hunting in every state in the country. I know this sounds like I am standing on some soap box on a corner, but it is a very real threat and is very probable.

This vote for this amendment will keep organizations like those who are against our hunting and fishing and trapping out of our state and out of our business. I don’t have enough space to elaborate any further on this but I will in the future tell you how these organizations pull off their dirty deeds and quietly erode our rights.

But for now, we need to vote yes in support of this amendment before us on November’s ballot. I will talk more about this in the next couple of weeks in an editorial, because I feel it is that important.

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  • Armond Freewill Reply

    October 19, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Hunting is not a RIGHT! It was a privilege that has been abused over and over by hunters and poachers in this country and needs to be abolished!

  • Gary Reply

    October 19, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Trapping is primitive, unnecessary and detrimental to wildlife and domesticated animals as it doesn’t discriminate between what it traps. This article, like so many others by those in the hunting community, lumps animal and nature lovers together as bleeding heart simpletons who know of nothing and should just mind their own business. This is not factual. To believe that hunting alone is the best method of management has little to do with conservation and protecting wildlife but more so keeping alive a past time and a tiny economic vehicle passed off as conservation. Hunting should only be done for need-be basis, like your forefathers did, during a time where women had no rights and slavery was acceptable. Laws change as we become more educated and rightly so. This is another example of that.

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