Smile! It might lead to happiness

When I was a young teacher, a student said to me, “Mrs. Scoby, why do you smile so much?” I have never forgotten that because it caused me to think about why (I answered her by explaining I loved my job) and has caused me to smile more ever since! Smiling has a positive effect on people

Lately, I have been smiling while I sing at church, and I feel so much more in tune to the words of the songs and the presence of God. I would suggest anyone try it!

I taught a smiling lesson in psychology and the students learned that Japanese businessmen are required to take smiling lessons to help improve their sales. Smiling doesn’t come naturally in many Asian cultures. While in China teaching English to middle school teachers, I was reminded of this. One student told me that she had never thought of smiling in class and after seeing me smile, she realized as a student how much seeing a smiling teacher changed attitude. She planned on trying it out in her classroom.

There is a reason to smile coming to the community on Nov. 25 when the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation sponsors its first Give To Grow Match/Giving Day. A generous donation of $25,000 in matching dollars will be available to encourage giving to area projects and nonprofits. For 24 hours, online giving will be possible at and for 12 hours, a walk-in location at 905 Main Street will be open for walk in donations. Nonprofit volunteers will be there to share with people what they do, who they serve and how they help make a better community or life for people.

There are many reasons we have to smile – for real! The new waterpark, splash park, The Main Event, a thriving community foundation, many people becoming involved in civic projects! If you aren’t a “smiler,” I challenge you try it. And if you’re my age, it can greatly improve the sagging jowl syndrome, too! I can’t afford a facelift, but I can afford to smile!

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Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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