Editorial: Differences are a good thing

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Denver to spend some time with family. If you don’t already know, the drive to Denver is a long one, approximately eight and a half hours, which gives us plenty of time to learn more about each other.

This abundance of time for us is usually spent talking about day-to-day topics, as well as our opinions on the current events happening around us such as laws, politics, religion, etc. This is just one of the positive aspects of a long road trip with your spouse. It gives us the opportunity to talk about deeper subjects other than the basic, “How was your day?”

Throughout the many trips that we have taken together, we have found that we have many similarities in our thoughts, morals and beliefs — which is a good thing, since we’re married. But we also have found that we do have some differences in opinions on a few subjects. I honestly think that this a good thing, because it allows us to challenge each other.

Throughout life, I’m sure we have all found people who will agree with you on a certain subject and some who do not. Some of these people who disagree with you are also the types of people who find opposing opinions to be threatening, when in all actuality they should accept and respect that there are other opinions out there different than their own.

For example, we are new homeowners, and we are currently finding that we both have opinions on which house projects should take priority. Obviously, one person will “get their way” and the other won’t, but at same time we both have the same end goal, which is to make our new house fit our needs.

Let’s take politics in America as another example. In the end, we all want the same thing — for America to remain the greatest country on Earth. There are multiple parties that believe their way is the only way to make this happen, but if the different parties would be willing to come together and find common ground, instead of belittling the other’s opinion, then we might get closer to our goal.

I believe that working together with others in this way is what made America great in first place. This way of thinking can be useful in most aspects of life, including tough subjects like politics and religion, or less tough subjects like new homeowner projects.

We live in a country in which differences in opinions are supposed to be allowed and encouraged, instead of denied and suppressed. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but that should not give us the right to degrade and bully others to take on our opinions as their own.

We need to take advantage of the fact that we live in a county that offers us this right and use it for the greater good, instead of using it to belittle others and their opinions. Remember, differences are a good thing and not what should keep us from achieving our goals.

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Heather Stewart is a reporter for The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2015. She specializes in court and sports reporting, as well as photography. Heather is a 2011 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in psychology. She lives in Sabetha with her husband.


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