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The Sabetha Lobos are coming back to town for the second year, and while the team is just starting to arrive in town, there are still some items needing checked off the to-do list in order to be prepared for the upcoming season. The biggest one is housing, with 10 out of 32 players still needing housing.

Host families would provide housing from now through approximately the fourth week in July. The players will require basic housing needs such as a place to shower, sleep and kitchen access to make food, and also laundry access if possible. Host families should also be aware that most players may not have driver’s licenses. Hosts are not required to give the players rides, but can if they want.

Other housing considerations:

• All players are enrolled in a collegiate baseball program and speak English.

• The families do not need to cook or clean for the players unless they want to.

• The organization would like to keep the players in Sabetha, since most do not have transportation.

• There can be multiple players in a household.

• We will randomly pick where players go based on the space available at the host homes. College teammates or players with family members on the team will be kept together if possible.

• This is a volunteer opportunity, and there is no incentive for the host families.

• If host families are going to be gone on the weekends, the Lobos can put the players in a hotel while the host family is gone if needed.

• If a family/player situation does not work out, they will try to place that player with another family as long as the issue wasn’t related to any bad behavior.

• Local volunteers will verify that the player’s essential needs can be met at the host house and that families have what they need.

If you are interested in this housing opportunity, please contact Stan Keim at 785-285-2147 or stank@keimts.com.

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Heather Stewart is a reporter for The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2015. She specializes in court and sports reporting, as well as photography. Heather is a 2011 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in psychology. She lives in Sabetha with her husband.


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