WHS students take on service projects

Submitted by Jill Henry WHS Correspondent

Beginning in January, Wetmore High School students were paired with specific teachers to form Advisory Seminars. These groups, which met once a month, focused on certain topics such as career pathways and lifestyle choices. The goal of these groups was for the teachers to get to know their pupils on a more personal level in order to help those students achieve their life goals.

In May, every group completed a volunteer assignment in order to give back to the community. The five groups each produced a different idea for their service project.

Two of the groups even paired up to tackle a larger service project. Lana Sheldon and Briana Evans’ groups, together, began cleaning up the outdoor classroom that was created at the school in Wetmore back in 2012. Most of the clean-up included pulling weeds and sweeping the brick pathways.

“My advisory group had the idea to clean the outdoor classroom when we first started the advisory group back in January. It was a good opportunity to follow through with the plans, and we hope to continue maintenance on the area in the future,” Evans said about the project.

Another group’s project was cleaning chairs at the American Legion in Wetmore. Linda Boyd, the leader of the group, took her students downtown during seminar for the kids to begin their work. During the hour, the students cleaned a total of 150 chairs by hand. The American Legion was very appreciative and later sent a letter to the group of students.

The most unpleasant project was definitely cleaning the city pool. During the off-season, several leaves and dirt blow into the pool creating a muddy mess. Thelma Strathman was impressed with her group’s work ethic.

“These kids were a super bunch, got right to work and never complained,” Strathman said.

The pool is now a bright white color thanks to the students and several mops.

Jesse Hutfles took his group around town to pick up trash on the side of the roads and in yards. The students ended with two filled trash bags, calling it a successful day.

“Seeing a group of kids help out the community was so great! Plus the fact that they were so willing to do it just made it so much better,” Hutfles said.

The last service project completed by the groups was cleaning the Family and Consumer Science room at WHS. The students washed the dishes and cleaned out the ovens in order to get the room ready for the summer’s cooking program that the school runs.

“I always went to the summer cooking program when I was younger, so it meant a lot to do something for the kid that I used to be,” Ally Davis said.

The service projects were finished within one week. All of the Wetmore students were gratified for the experience to give back to their community.


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