Thank you, Sabetha

Dear Editor:

To the heartwarming people of Sabetha – Thank you so much for your compassion, thoughtfulness, friendliness, professionalism and genuine caring and concern for others that the Baniewicz Family and Maur Hill Mount Academy baseball team and parents experienced on May 18, 2017, when Sabetha hosted the Regional Baseball Playoffs.

My husband, Don, who was helping our son, Phil, the varsity baseball coach at MH-MA, fell and required emergency medical attention. From the time of his fall just before game time until later that evening, the townspeople and the staff involved with putting on the Regionals were so genuinely helpful, concerned and caring.

From the nurse who immediately administered first aid, to the gentleman who led us to the clinic/hospital, to Dr. James Longabaugh, D.O., who did a great job of taking care of the laceration (and keeping my husband up to date on the score), to the staff at Sabetha Family Practice, to the people in the concession stand, to the spectators in the stands.

Every person was instrumental in taking care of us in one way or another and getting us back to the field for the remainder of the game. Please forgive me if I forgot anyone as there were so many. To all of you, our sincerest thank you!

Being a baseball family from Arizona, we were impressed by the field, and even more impressed with you fine citizens. What a town! You hit a home run for sure!

Don and Margie Baniewicz

Phoenix, Ariz.


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