Letter to the Editor re: USDA wheat cartoon

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see the enclosed “cartoon” published in the paper [regarding USDA and wheat harvest, published on Page 4A on June 14, 2017]. I feel that it was in poor taste.

This portrayed is particularly demeaning to the late Sabetha resident, Sam Huber, and others who have and are currently working and serving this area.

Specifically, agriculture, communities and small rural towns, etc., should be appreciative of the goods and services they have received through the agency.

As per your editorial – “You think you are scared,” June 14, 2017 – you referred only to the democratic parties antics and the hateful rhetoric you have read on the pages of newspapers across the country. You surely realize that not all American people chose to elect the current administration and have had to endure the same type of rhetoric from the opposition.

Well, guess what? You are continuing to feed the fire much like those other newspapers when you chose to print such narrow minded and discriminatory views and remarks to the public in your own paper.

There is a serious lack of civility both in our public and private lives today. Keeping an open mind and modeling both in speech and in our actions, we’ll form a foundation for an exchange of ideas, which produces occasions for civil interaction.

Developing empathy and learning to recognize what the other person is thinking are both essential to good communication. The exchange of feelings of one person with another makes it possible for each to group something different and to improve out lives by striving to become better communicators.

I’m willing to try. Are you?

Joyce Eisenbise Fee



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