Morrill City Council

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, June 19, with members Dan Halstead, Miles Ploeger and Todd Gruber present and Mayor Roger Price presiding. Superintendent Lee Wymer was also present.

The council approved Ordinance No. 444 concerning weeds and trash.

Ashley Martinez said progress has been made cleaning up a couple of properties. Extensions were given to two people as they have been making an effort. It was decided to give an individual a $75 fine each for two different properties due to little or no effort being made to clean up the properties. Three more properties were decided upon to have the owners clean up.

The clerk said she is waiting to hear from Mike Riley to see if he is still going to be the city’s municipal court judge.

The council decided to purchase two matching tires for the dump truck.

An individual has made complaints of cats, and is threatening to shoot them with a gun. It was decided to research firing of guns within city limits.

Nothing has been heard from a contractor concerning the west end of Roxanna Street.

Reviewed was the delinquent account list. Six accounts will be shut off if payment is not made by July 20.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.


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