Memories 7.19.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, July 15, 1892

Harvest hands imported into Kansas at $2.50 a day, 65,000,000 bushels of wheat to go to market, corn growing two inches a day, fifty farmer’s buggies and carriages in town at once while their owners, wives and daughters are shopping in the busy stores.

One of the finest rains of the season fell in this neighborhood Saturday afternoon. We learn that the heaviest fall was in the vicinity of this city, and how far it extended we do not know.

Those soulless corporations, the railroads, have just made a rate of one cent a mile for harvest hands to come into Kansas to harvest the wheat crop. The alliance should at once resolute against class discrimination in railroad rates. We await the first “whereas” from the so called people’s party.

After the election a collection should be taken up for the democratic party of Kansas. It will need the funds to find its bearings and start the organization again. Long live democracy.

100 years ago

Thursday, July 19, 1917

Monday night a brand new Buick car was stolen from the Willard garage at Morrill. The car was not missed until Tuesday night. It was a six cylinder car, one o the cars driven here from Flint, Mich. recently. There is no clue as to the thief.

Four men were stunned and an elevator was stuck by lightning at Muscotah Saturday afternoon. July 7 during the electrical storm. This was a new elevator built in place of the old one which was struck by lightening a year ago. The same afternoon a farmer was killed near Horton.

Clyde Lynch is preparing a bathing beach on his farm, the old Pace pond. He will construct a bath house at the lake. The lake is low now but as soon as it rains he will have a resort that will fill a long felt want. Work will be commenced on the bath house next week.

As R. W. Moorhead was driving to his farm Sunday morning he saw a blackbird, three turtle doves and a thrush following a blacksnake. The Sabetha postmaster ran his car over six inches of the snake’s tail in order to change the trend of the snake’s thought.

75 years ago

Wednesday, July 15, 1942

Wind and hail last Thursday evening caused considerable damage to crops and some farm improvements in the Pennsylvania Avenue neighborhood northeast of Sabetha. While Sabetha received only a rather gusty wind and a light rain, wind in the rural area was higher than that which caused widespread minor damage in town several weeks ago.

Since the supply of sugar is limited and housewives are beginning to wonder how they are to do their usual baking. Aaron Strahm comes forward with the suggestion that honey be used as a substitute. It can be used in various combinations in cooking making fine cakes, cookies, etc. Many like the flavor of the honey. Mr. Strahm brings The Herald a number of recipes for using honey instead of sugar, most of them obtained from “Gleanings in Bee Culture.”

The members of the Shatalia Camp Fire entertained a group of the Boy Scouts at a roller-skating party and weinie roast at Sycamore Springs on Monday afternoon and evening. Twenty-two were present for this party. One guest, Phyllis Rivers of Seward, Neb., also enjoyed the day. The Scouts present were Stanley and Stanton Margrave, Richard Stewart, Lloyd McFall, Jimmie and Jack Reid, Junior Lee and Melvin Bueltel.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 18, 1967

George Althouse, Sabetha postmaster, received word Monday that he was not to accept second class mail for delivery beyond a radius of approximately 150 miles. This means that today’s Herald may be delayed to some distant subscribers. Copies will be sent as soon as this embargo is lifted which, according to this morning’s news, could happen yet today. If, however, your Herald is late in arriving, you’ll know the reason.

Pictured above is the Berwick schoolhouse that has been purchased by the Albany Historical Society. An unsuccessful attempt was made to move the building to the Albany site last week. It is hoped the job can be completed this week. A foundation has already been poured just northwest of the Albany school site. The Berwick school will sit next to the Bern Rock Island depot that has also been purchased by the society and will be moved to Albany soon.

The first summer school is being carried on in Unified District 441 this year for elementary classes. This is a completely new undertaking and it has met with favorable acceptance. Although there have been previously some programs such as drivers education and summer band, this is the first year that education on an academic basis has been offered in this district. This new program is made possible through federal funds authorized under Public Law 89-10. These tax funds have provided this additional educational program without direct cost to the taxpayer in the district. There have been some restrictions put on the program at the state level, however, district officials have had the freedom from federal and state control to the extent that local children have been offered the training that they needed most.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, July 15, 1992

It was business as usual July 8, when contract negotiations between Jerry Ketter and the city of Sabetha ended. Ketter and the city solved last week’s contract impasse by stipulating to whom the land in question may be leased. The contract lists the state or federal governments and several agencies under them as acceptable leasers of the land. Ketter signed the contract but said it is not necessarily a good business deal, but an attempt to be good neighbors. The struggle for agreement began after differences in contract interpretations in the 1989 contract arose between Ketter and the city.

It might have been the silhouette of a man flagging traffic frozen in the glare of their cars’ headlights that caused travelers headed north on Highway 75 to venture into Fred and Charlotte Aberle’s basement. Or it could have been the promise of a warm dry place to wade out Sunday’s stormy weather. Whether the call of the wild or the howl of the weather sent them in, they did go. Thirteen in all, sought shelter from the high winds and fowl weather in the Aberle basement. When law enforcement officials in Dawson, Neb. closed 75 from Dawson south to Sabetha because the water was across the road, Fred Aberle was worried that City Hall might not have room for them all.

Commissioners discussed this week’s power outage. The outage was caused by equipment failure. A broken water jacket on one of the motors caused it to overheat, Ted Hayden, city administrator, said.

School board members from the Unified School District No. 441 met last night and approved refinancing the current bonds issued for the middle school. This refinancing will save the District $712,472. The mill levy will also decrease from 17.386 to 15.298.

John Harter of Bern has filed as a candidate for State Representative for the 63rd district. The district includes Nemaha County, the eastern two-thirds of Marshall County and the northwest corner of Pottawatomie County.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman, Michele and Stephanie, Donny Staife and Jason Daniel of Conroe, Texas, traveled to the home of Joanne’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Campbell of Fairview, for a week. On July 4 they had a barbecue and shot off fireworks. Also present were Adeline Fletchall, Marsha Campbell, David Leonard, Randy Campbell, Rachel, Shawn, Aaron, Penny Dorn, Jason and Travis, all of Sabetha.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Effective Monday, July 2, Gary Priest and his wife Paula are the new owners of Main Street Auto Supply, formerly Falls City Auto Supply, which is located at 810 Main Street in Sabetha. The Priests purchased the business from Denny Heinzelman and Judy Dixon, brother and sister, who inherited it from their father, Don Heinzelman, after his death. The name change is the only change that will be obvious to the customers, said Gary, who has been manager of the store for 28 years.

David Schmitz is happy to be getting back to his roots as the new principal of Wetmore Academic Center. Schmitz currently lives with his family on a farm 12 miles southeast of Wetmore. A graduate of Axtell High School, he knows first-hand how small schools operate.

The Sabetha Swim Team makes it 11 straight league titles. In the last swim meet of the season, which was held at Falls City Saturday, July 14, the Sabetha Swim Team took first place with a total of 797 points, closing the season undefeated.


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