Memories 7.26.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, July 22, 1892

The Sycamore Springs are booming. The people are beginning to appreciate the medical qualities of the water, as Mr. Gue, the proprietor has all he can take care of and cures everyone who goes there for treatment. Over a thousand people were there last Sunday to enjoy the pleasure of the shade and drinking the water.

A lady whose hair came out with every combing, was induced to give Ayer’s hair vigor a trial. She did so, and not only was the loss of hair checked, but a new and vigorous growth soon succeeded that which was gone.

The celebrated Dalton gang of outlaws made another successful attempt at train robbery last week. It seems, to an onlooker, somewhat surprising that an armed body of men sent for the special purpose of protecting the valuables of the train, could do no more that was done by the guards to prevent the robbery.

Prof. Williston, of the State University, visited Sabetha Tuesday. He is gathering geological specimans for the Kansas exhibit at Chicago in ‘93.

100 years ago

Thursday, July 26, 1917

A party of young men headed by Wesley Bearg and Charley Belshaw went up to the Nemaha fishing Saturday night leaving home about eleven p.m. and commencing to fish at one a.m. They returned the next morning at ten a.m. with eight carp and six channel cat.

One hundred and thirteen men will be used from Nemaha county to fill the first draft under the conscription set. Nemaha county’s total quota for the first call was 192, but credit is given for seventy-nine men who have volunteered in the regular army and in National Guards in Kansas and in the medical service. This leaves 113 men who will called to the colors soon.

The postoffice department has decided to cut out a large number of rural routes in the next few months to reduce expense. Inspectors will go thru the country in the next few months and examine all road which the rural carriers travel and whenever the condition of the roads is found bad, routes will be discontinued. Roads which show neglect will be more apt to be condemned than those which have been put in to the first class condition. One careless road overseer in a township may be responsible for the loss of a route.

Jim Markley was kicked in the stomach by a mule Monday on the place he is working west of Oneida and was badly hurt.

75 years ago

Wednesday, July 22, 1942

The American Legion Post is sponsoring a drive for victrola and phonograph records. Boxes or barrels will be placed at all three drug stores for the collection. Good records will be sent to camps, scratched or broken records will be sen to factories to be melted and used for making new records. The drive is on now and the public is urged to contribute records.

George Rooney narrowly escaped serious burns and possible death July 3 on his farm near Minneola, Kas. when a wheat field in which he was working became ignited from a truck muffler or exhaust. He inhaled so much smoke and flame that his throat became irritated and swollen so badly he was seriously ill. In an attempt to curb the fire a plow was used. Mr. Rooney was caught in his car between the fire and the plowed ground. He abandoned his 1942 Ford V-8 coach and it burned together with 50 acres of uncut grain. The wheat was not insured.

The manufacture of an additional long list of civilian articles has been prohibited by the WPB by an amendment of the iron and steel conservation order. These include garden tools, hospital equipment, magic lanterns, umbrella shafts and vanity cases, as well as many others.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, July 25, 1967

Kirk and his twin brother, Kim Summers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Summers of Sabetha, were signally honored Sunday when they received their God and Country Boy Scouting Awards at the Congregational Church in Sabetha. The boys have worked for the past year with Rev. S. Duane Ogden in achieving this honor.

On Saturday afternoon, June 17, the Rev. Henry Coulter pronounced the wedding vows at the First Baptist Church in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for Miss Karla Yvonne Roberts and James R. McKim, both of Levittown, Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Roberts of Council Bluffs are the bride’s parents. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard McKim of Morrill, Kansas.

George Stoller announced this week the purchase of the Kreitzer Paint Store in Sabetha. Mr. Stoller is also the owner of Stoller Floor Covering in Sabetha. The sale becomes effective immediately and Leonard Kreitzer, owner of the paint and wallpaper business, will continue to be active in the same work as an employee of Mr. Stoller. Mr. Kreitzer purchased the paint store about five and a half years ago from the late W. R. Popkess. He has operated the business in the building just west of the Sabetha Fashion Center as a joint tenant with Mr. Stoller. At the same time Mr. Stoller announced that he has purchased the former Dick Hughes building that housed the Sabetha Exchange. Mr. Stoller said he intends to remodel the building and hopes to have a grand opening around Oct. 1 of this year.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, July 22, 1992

City commissioners voted unanimously to add a second site to the list of options for a new Farm Home Administration Housing project in Sabetha. The previously proposed site is located on 6th Street near the Glen Bein residence and the Roger Young residence. Since a primary consideration in FHAH housing is demographics, Ted Hayden, city administrator suggested adding a second area to the list of potential sites. The area to the north of the old Middle School building was proposed as an additional option. The second area is with in walking distance of several banks, the pool, both grocery stores, the Post Office, Library and the school, Hayden said.

Board of Education members for USD 441 spent the first part of the July 15 special meeting touring the new Middle School facilities. Members of the board toured the building to view first-hand the progress made by the workman.

The Kansas Wheat Commission added four new contracts to the ones it traditionally funds. The $500,000 worth of funding for the fiscal year 1993 will address ways to improve wheat farming and ways to improve processing of wheat. One of the new contracts looks at a revolutionary way of making bread products using an extruder made by Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. of Sabetha and a special oven.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sabetha Postmaster Ron Bowser presents Zack Suhr of Sabetha with his copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the 759-page seventh book in J.K. Rowling’s series about a wizarding world unknown to the “muggle” population of the world. The Sabetha Post Office had many copies of the book that had been pre-ordered and were set to be delivered on the book’s release date, Saturday, July 21. Suhr was randomly chosen and received a call early Saturday morning to be the first to receive his copy. The final book in the Harry Potter series sold an estimated 8.3 million copies in its first 24 hours of sale, setting a new record for the book industry. The first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was published in September of 1998.

Many tractor drivers participated in the Antique Tractor Cruise to benefit Pony Express Big Brothers Big Sisters. The cruise, which was held Saturday, July 21, started in Morrill, took “Pennsylvania Avenue” to U.S. Highway 75, then across the highway. The cruisers went by Berwick, then into Sabetha, passing close to the nursing homes for the residents to see. The cruise ended in Morrill, where many people enjoyed a dinner at the park.

Dort Goodman, American Family Insurance agent in Sabetha, is in the process of expanding her office space. The building, under construction north of ALCO in Sabetha, will face west and will be approximately 1,800 square feet.

CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc., manufacturer of HogZilla brand Industrial Tub Grinders, will be on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday, July 25. “Really Big Things” host Matt Rogers, along with HogZilla customer Maximum Engineering of Camarillo, Calif., will be on the show with the TCII-1564P model HogZilla grinding a lemon grove into mulch.


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