Sabetha sales tax distributions up again

Sabetha’s sales tax receipts are again rising above last year’s earnings. This is according to the July County/City Local Sales Tax Distribution Report released by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

The state issues these distributions two months after collection, so the July distribution is a reflection of May sales. This is the first distribution of Fiscal Year 2018.

Sabetha saw increased sales tax distributions in the month of July alone — $38,467.56 — an 8 percent increase from the $35,609.72 distributed in July 2016. Sabetha’s local sales tax rate is 1 percent.

With a sales tax rate increase from 1 percent to 1.5 percent that was effective in April 2017, Hiawatha is experiencing increased distributions. Hiawatha’s distributions have gone up from $61,056.80 in July 2016 to $84,983.69 in July 2017.

Holton’s distributions are down 7.7 percent, from $52,310.50 in July 2016 to $48,298.26 in July 2017. Holton’s local sales tax rate is 0.75 percent.

With a local sales tax rate of 1 percent, Seneca’s distributions also are on the rise — up 6.5 percent — from $50,760.66 in July 2016 to $54,043.64 in July 2017.

County Figures

Nemaha County also has experienced continued sales tax distribution increases. In July, Nemaha County had a 10.8 percent increase, from $152,324.88 in July 2016 to $168,799 in July 2017. Nemaha County has a local sales tax rate of 1 percent.

Meanwhile, both Brown and Jackson counties are seeing decreases.

Jackson County, with a local sales tax rate of 1.4 percent, has experienced a 5.4 percent decrease, from $139,012.32 in July 2016 to $131,562.03 in July 2017.

Brown County has experienced a decrease from $161,544.97 in July 2016 to $103,386.12 in July 2017. However, this is likely due to the county’s lowered sales tax rate, which dropped in November 2016 from 1.5 percent to 1 percent.

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Amber Deters is Co-Editor of The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2005. She specializes in school board, election and legislative reporting, as well as photography and page and advertising design. Amber is a 2005 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in journalism and mass communications, print journalism sequence. She lives in Sabetha with her husband and three children.


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