Saving lives, one pint at a time

Seventy-eight. That is how many pints were collected at the Sabetha Community Blood Drive held Tuesday, Aug. 1.

These pints were collected from a total of 77 donors, including two first time donors and eight double red donors.

First time donors were Mark Hanzucek and Amanda Moore.

Double red donors included Dennis H. Baumgartner, Steven L. Edelman, Jed W. Hartter, Robert E. Lehmann, Brian L. Rokey, Robert Steiner, Byron L. Stoller and Jeffrey D. Wenger.

Other donors included the following: Stephen J. Aberle, Douglas Allen, William F. Arneson, Bradley J. Baker, Larry H. Bauerle, Sue Ellen Brockhoff, Derek G. Deters, Gerald Drahota, Lyla M. Edelman, Duane A. Eilert, Adam G. Enneking, Todd J. Evans, Carole L. Feek, Rachel Fehr, Douglas B. Fortmeyer, Vickie J. Goodman, Rodney Grimm, Merlin J. Gruber, Lori K. Gruber, Denise E. Hall, Donna Halstead, Joshua Hartter, Jacob D. Hartter, David D. Hartter, Beth R. Hartter, Gerry M. Hertzel, Ellen S .Hertzel, Robin Hill, Scott Hill, Wyatt Hoffman, Sheila M. Huls, Marilyn S. Kellenberger, Christine M. Krebs, Geraldine J. Lauer, Lacy Lawson, Steven R. Lukert, Timothy Manning, Teaira McElroy, James C. Meyer, Susan J. Meyer, Dustin J. Millsap, Linda S. Montgomery, Tyler Nickoley, Jeffrey Niehues, Keith G. Niehues, Gregory A. Renyer, Piper H. Rokey, Gary L. Schreiber, Richard W. Smith, Lisa Marie Snyder, Allan C. Spellmeier, Alice M. Sperfslage, Adrian L. Strahm, Clark David Strahm, Wilfred R. Strahm, Shannon M. Thompson, Kara C. Tramp, Hailie Tryon, Dale W. Ulrich, Randy J. Weda, Riley Wells, Debra Denise Wenger, Rixey N. Wertenberger, Joshua D. Wertenberger, Kay J. Wissmann, Ronald Wittmer and Amy D. Wysong.

Those volunteering at the blood drive were Lyla Edelman, Diane Hicks, Glennis Lippert and Alice Zahner. Hardware Hank was the food sponsor.

The next Sabetha Community Blood Drive will be held Tuesday, Sept. 26, at Sabetha City Hall.


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