Memories 8.9.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, August 5, 1892

It was not Jerry Simpson who was hanged up by the thumbs for hurrahing for the would be assassin of Mr. Frick. The sentiments of the men correspond, but while the unfortunate sufferer was a member of the Pennsylvania state militia, Jerry was a member of Congress and not responsible for his sentiments.

A Fraud – The man with a club foot, been hunting stolen horses, out of funds, member of First Congregational church of Omaha, etc. has struck northern Kansas, probably southern Nebraska too. He “works” ministers and the benevolent. Pass him on, his breath is not good. He worked in southeast Kansas some four or five years ago and was run out by judicious advertising. He was here last night. – Yours etc. B.D. Conkling Hiawatha, KS, July 31, ‘92.

The corn crop of this state was saved by the rain last week, so all the papers say. Some go so far as to say it is insured. Newspaper correspondents are never able to learn that the corn crop is not safe till it is ripe, and at this date most of it is not even tasselled.

100 years ago

Thursday, August 9, 1917

The school board reorganized this week. A. G. Kemper and Fred Lukert retired and J. C. Lanning and Dr. George Conrad were installed in their places. A. J. Colling was re-elected president of the board. John Reinhart was chosen vice-president. Mrs. Irwin Edwards of Lawrence elected kindergarten teacher, will serve next term altho she was married during the summer. Her husband will go to war.

It is now up to W. W. Finney, purchased of the Sabetha telephone plant, to bring an inventory man to Sabetha and make an inventory of the Sabetha Mutual telephone plant. Sabetha folks would like to see Mr. Finney get the man on the ground. The inventory is needed by the utilities commission to arrive at further findings in regard to the capitalization of combined plants.

The woods, and weeds, and things look fresh and green despite the dry weather and the dust. The small rains of last week have put the roads in fine condition. The wind blew all the dust away and the rain fell on dry, hard roads. Driving was a joy last week.

The Sabetha orphan committee has a boy 12 years old who understand farming. Would fill a good place in the right home. Apply George Hook, Sabetha.

75 years ago

Wednesday, August 5, 1942

The primary election Tuesday was quiet both in Nemaha county and over the state, with small votes polled nearly everywhere. The only local contests that proved interesting to voters were those of district judge, embracing Doniphan, Brown and Nemaha counties, and first district county commission, including ten precincts in eastern Nemaha County.

Officers investigating the pulling of spikes on Rock Island track near Bern last week found it was the work of two boys, 11 and 14 years of age, who did not realize the seriousness of what they were doing. The boys were placed on probation. The lads were able to take one spike from a rotten tie with their hands. With the spike for a pry, the worked other spikes free.

The Farmers State Bank of Sabetha did its largest single day’s business in war bonds last Thursday when it sold a total of $10,800 worth. There was no single unusually large order, but two single purchases were fairly large according to Max Mock, bank president.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 8, 1967

Friday the voters of the Woodlawn school district voted 49 to 32 against closing the attendance center at Woodlawn. Monday night the Board of Education met and following lengthy discussion adopted the resolution in regard to the situation: The Board of Education recognizes the fact that there are a number of parents in the Woodlawn area who did petition to have their children attend the Sabetha Elementary School and since the facilities are available and the school is under the same administration, the board would consider allowing any child whose parents wish his child to attend school in Sabetha to do so. Procedure for determining this will be for the parents to enroll the child indicating his preference of attendance centers. Following the enrollment, the board will then determine if it is possible for those children to attend the Sabetha Elementary School.”

The entire Hiawatha and Horton communities were saddened to learn that the Newt Irwin Lumber Co., yards in the two cities were closed for business as of the end of the day Wednesday, Aug. 2. The bulk sale for the two yards will be held Monday, Aug. 14. The businesses were closed by the Small Business Administration, who held the loans on the lumber yards. The yards were purchased from Harold and Clair Harpster two years ago by Mr. Irwin. The brothers still own all of the real estate occupied by the two business places.

Thirty workers gathered at the Sabetha Country Club last night and received instructions on contacting potential donors for the Sabetha Community Hospital fund campaign that is now beginning with a goal of $250,000. “It won’t be easy,” Mr. Frank Henwood, campaign director told those present. “But I have every confidence that this community can and will reach the goal. You have everything working out for you, a most worthy cause and an honest appraisal of what is needed.”

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 5, 1992

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Stoller returned July 29 from a two-week visit at the home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. David Stoller of North Pole, Alaska. They got to make the acquaintance of their new grandson, Matthew David. David’s sister, Sue Stoller of Shawnee, accompanied them and returned home July 23.

The Sabetha swim team finished its season and remains undefeated. The team is the first to go undefeated in the history of the Sabetha swim team. Sabetha scored 799 points at the first swim meet, 793 at the second, 713 at the third, 749 at the fourth and 773 at the league meet. Members of the team in the girls eight and under category were: Samantha Key, Jessica Meyer, Michelle Oom, Abby Remmers, Cassi Ross, Erin Ross, Taylor Simpson, Tara Strahm, Erica Wenger and Lauren Wenger. Boys eight and under were: Eric Smith, Jacob Scoby, Jamison Strahm and Dan Tramp. Nine and 10 year old girls were: Ashlee Bien, Kimberly Brockhoff, Christina Chadwell, Kelly Flentie, Ali Key, Wendy Moore, Bobbi Oom, Stephanie Previte, Emily Remmers, Neely Spellmeier, Nikki Strahm and Kara Stucky. Boys nine and 10 were: Brett Althouse, Tony Frey, Kenton Meyer, Ben Scoby and Alex Wenger. Eleven and 12 year old girls were: Jamie Bredahl, Traci Gray, Leslie Hauck, Kristina Kidwell, Misty Koch, Jaclyn Meyer, Kristina Oom, Rachel Prestwood, Lindsay Saylor, Santana Strahm and Dena Stucky. Eleven and 12 year old boys were: Kyle Beyer, Nick Carlson, Riley Chadwell, Kevin Dornes, Jerad Meyer, Brian Niehues, Ryan Osterhaus, Luke Scoby, Tyler Simpson, Jeff Snyder and Bill Sykes. Girls 13 and 14 were: Lael Blythe, Miranda Key, April Rilinger and Kara Scoby. Thirteen and 14 year old boys were: Kaleb Beyer, Michael Emert and Matt Saylor. Tiffany Simpson was in the 17 and 18 year old girls category.

The Sabetha Girl Scout Fun in the Sun day camp was held July 13-16 at the Sabetha Lake. Co-directors of the camp were Lori Feek and Virginia Spellmeier, who sued the camp as the final project for their gold award. They were assisted by Teresa Baumgartner, last year’s director.


10 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A one-vehicle accident at 6:43 p.m. Saturday, July 28, sent two teenage boys from Sabetha to the hospital. Both boys have been discharged from the hospital and have returned home, but both have much healing ahead, according to their mothers. According to the Brown County Sheriff’s Department report, Lane Koch, 16 of Sabetha was driving a 2004 Sonata 4D four-door sedan northbound in the 2900 block of Bittersweet Road when he lost control on the gravel and his vehicle left the roadway off the west side. The passenger, 15-year-old Andrew Vogel, was ejected from the vehicle.

Mateo and Alec Kirwan, after just their first year of competitive archery, have carved their own niche in the sport. At the World True Hunting Ethics Archery Tournament at Ada, Okla., Sunday, July 22, Mateo placed fourth in the 11-year-old division. Brother Alec captured fifth in the same age bracket.

The annual Morrill Days celebration will be held this weekend in the City of Morrill. The event will include a co-ed softball tournament, a tree planting, lunch stand, parade, pork dinner, and games and activities for the whole family.


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