Governing Body: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

The Morrill City Council met for a budget hearing and in regular session on Monday, Aug. 7, with members Dan Halstead, Miles Ploeger, Todd Gruber and Mary Meyer present. Mayor Roger Price presided. Superintendent Lee Wymer also was present.

Budget Hearing

Julie Bauman presented the proposed 2018 budget. After discussion, the council accepted the budget.

Regular Meeting

Trini Vega said he would like to tear down his rental house and asked about the assistance the city will provide. Council said he must bring in the bill after demolition to receive up to $2,000 from the city toward the demolition.

Ashley Martinez said one individual has made no progress cleaning up his property. No action can be taken until a municipal judge has been appointed. Two other individuals have made some progress. A third individual would like more information on assistance of demolition of houses.

It was decided Wymer can put up an electrical outlet for the bounce houses, which will be here at Morrill Days.

The clerk had received notice from the Brown County District Court that said the court had ruled in favor of the city in the small claims court.

The council discussed the water meter for the bank. It was decided to find out what the plans are to open the restaurant and to possibly send back the meter connections if it is not going to open.

The council voted to cancel check number 8771 and reissue it.

Julie Bauman showed her findings of the 2016 audit, mentioning everything went well. The council accepted GAAP Waiver Procedures, Resolution No. 2017A.

Also at the meeting:

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

It was decided to table the matter of the Standard Traffic Ordinances and Public Offense Codes.


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