Memories 8.23.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday August 19, 1892

The best rain this vicinity had enjoyed for several weeks came last Saturday. The rainfall in the town could not have been much less than three fourths of an inch. Within three or four miles north of here, it was barely enough to lay the dust. As is usual in all seasons the clouds seem very partial in their favors, although the rain does seem to fall equally upon the just and unjust. The rain was reported as far west as Fairbury.

There seems a probability that Sabetha is to have a new hotel on the site of the old Hook House. It is said that the contract is let and it is certain that there is a pile of sand there. We wait for developments.

The ninth annual reunion of G.A.R. of Kansas, opened at Wichita, last Tuesday. It is believed that the attendance will exceed that of all former similar occasions, for the old soldier is neither dead nor gone over to the party of Cleveland and Simpson et al. That is the reason he likes to talk over old times about the campfire.

They are pulling jointists in Hiawatha. The drug stores of Hiawatha, however, have sold liquor in violation of law for ten years, and have not been disturbed, and what is more no one dares disturb them. Hiawatha is a respectable town – outside.

100 years ago

Thursday, August 23, 1917

Public Apology – I wish in this manner to tender a public apology for my thoughtless action in recently burning an American flag at my threshing machine. I was provoked, but meant no intentional disrespect to the flag. I am a native born American citizen, and honor my country’s flag. In evidence of this I have caused the flag to be displayed both at my home and over the machine. – Abe Meyer. The above shows a good spirit. Although Mr. Meyer’s act has been generally known, the community has been prone to withold judgement until he was heard from. The above frank statement clears the matter up and reflects credit upon the writer.

The Bell Telephone Company of Oneida paid Mrs. Boxell a year’s salary in recognition of her daughter Pearl’s team years service.

A young business woman who works down town celebrated her birthday Sunday and among the gifts was a dainty little box containing five, five dollar, gold pieces: one dollar for each year of the young woman’s life and five dollars for each year the giver had known her.

75 years ago

Wednesday, August 19, 1942

Morrill regrets the loss of its only doctor. Dr. J. B. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Anderson left Wednesday for Valley Falls to make their new home. Miss Mildred Brown, who has been the doctor’s assistant and office girls for two years, accompanied them and will work in his Valley Falls office. “Grandma” Robinson with whom Miss Brown made her home has come to Sabetha to stay with her daughter, Mrs. William Brown and family.

In the September Cosmospolitan magazine is a page story of the recent sky battle of the Mediterranean entitled “Shooting fish in a Barrel.” It tells of the shooting from their bombers and sinking Italian war vessels by Major Kalberen of Lafayette, Ind., Major Payne of Austin, Texas, and Major Paul Davis.

The Sabetha company, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, Kansas State Guard, will leave for Topeka early Sunday morning to spend five days at the first State Guard annual encampment. The Sabetha company will go to camp one man short of its authorized enlisted strength of 40 men. Of the 39 men now enlisted in the company, 33 will probably go to camp Sunday morning, six have been allowed furloughs, mostly for urgent business reasons.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday August 24, 1967

The Sabetha Community Hospital fund drive is nearing the end of its third week of action. Fund finance chairman Gerry Howard released the first audited figures on the amount pledged so far today and he reports that $74,461, or slightly over one fourth of the $250,000 goal, has been achieved. Mr. Howard pointed out that the rural workers began a week or 10 days after the city workers so most of the pledges so far have come from Sabetha.

Leon Ball, new owner of the Haxton Barber Shop, is shown helping Doug Grimm get ready for the first day of school. Mr. Ball comes to Sabetha from El Dorado, Kas. He is married and has three children.

Mrs. Edna Sheik enjoyed one of those long drawn out birthdays this week and is quite naturally, really appreciative of everyone’s thoughtfulness. It started on Tuesday evening when she shared birthday honors at a basket picnic supper in the Bern City Park with Glen Turner who just happens to have the same birth date. This was all fine and dandy, but at noon on Wednesday, Mrs. Sheik’s actual birthday, Mrs. C. O. Meyer, Mrs. Leroy Hunzeker and Mrs. Lois Chipperfield took their lunch along with them and went to Mrs. Sheik’s home to share it with her and then spent the remainder of the afternoon keeping her company. As a topper to all these wonderful things, Mrs. Sheik was a supper guest that night in the home of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sheik and family, where a beautifully decorated birthday cake really clinched the event as one that would always be most memorable.

Miss Glenda Lee Grimm and Mr. Allen J. Rokey were united in holy matrimony at 12:30 p.m. August 6, in the Apostolic Christian Church at Sabetha. Gene Marti officiated.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 19, 1992

Work on the Pony Creek Lake project is moving ahead, City Administrator Ted Hayden told commissioners. The project is contracted for completion by February. Hayden said he thought work should be done by then.

Dennis Stones, a former Sabetha High School athlete and scholar, has traded in his football uniform and hall pass for a suit, tie and a chair behind the principal’s desk. “When I left high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. All I knew was I was going to play football for Peru State,” Stones, the new high school principal, said. “It wasn’t until later I decided I wanted to work with kids.

Photo – Grand champion market steer of the Nemaha County Fair was a 1,260-pound Limousin shown by Laura Priest of the Busy Jayhawkers 4-H Club. The steer was purchased by Michael Bennett Trucking of Seneca.

Photo – Improvements to Sabetha elementary school’s playground equipment has been slowed by the summer’ rainy weather. Water filled in under this new jungle gym and had to be pumped out, then filled with water again at the first rain. Because of the reoccurring problem, the city trenched the area so water will now drain.

The USD 488 Board of Education on Aug. 10 approved a budget that will decrease the mill levy by 29 mills. The general fund levy will drop from 61.026 mills in 1991-1992 to the uniform state-wide levy of 32 mills in 1992-1993.

These two young Sabetha gardeners, Terry and Todd Strahm have had a very large potato year. The rain and good growing weather helped the Strahm brothers grow these two giant Kennebec potatoes. The potato Todd is holding weighs two pounds and Terry’s weighs two and a fourth pounds.

Hartter Seed and Feed was recognized by Hubbard Milling Company on Friday, July 24, for their sales efforts and shipping contributions during the past year. An wards presentation was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Kansas City, Mo. Dave and Beth Hartter of Hartter Seed and Feed were present at the awards presentation to be recognized for their dealership’s shipping level in the 700 to 1099 ton area.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Construction is underway in Nemaha County on a section of natural gas pipeline that will extend from Colorado to Missouri. The pipeline — Rockies Express Pipeline Project-West — is expected to move into Brown County in early September.

Sometime during this past week, vandals desecrated 28 grave stone markers in the Sabetha Cemetery. Sabetha Cemetery Board members estimate the damage may be as high as $40,000. Six of the stones were severely damaged. An older tall monument near the center of the cemetery was broken into several pieces.

Workers remove old concrete and asphalt in the parking lot west of the current Casey’s General Store in Sabetha to prepare the ground for the new building’s foundation, which began last week. The new Casey’s will be built near the intersection of Virginia Street and Old U.S.  Highway 75 in Sabetha. The new store will be more than twice the size of the current Casey’s. The original Sabetha Casey’s Store opened in November 1981.

On Aug. 9, Aurel, Jeanette and Daniel Montgomery went to Colorado to help celebrate Carol and Clara Montgomery’s 60th wedding anniversary. Carol is Aurel’s brother who lives in Loveland. They also visited their daughter and husband, Susan and Bill Hodge, at Fort Lupton.

Kylar Daily, a 2003 graduate of Sabetha High School, is returning home after serving for four years in the U.S. Marine Corps. His tour of duty included two combat tours in Iraq. Daily, along with his wife Arianne and son Dade, will return to Sabetha this Saturday evening, Aug. 25, escorted from Hiawatha by a motorcade of motorcycles from around the area.

Hope Winkler, a 2007 Sabetha High School grad and daughter of Mark and Dawn, will be attending Columbia University in New York City this fall and will be competing for the Lions’ Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. Winkler has received a Columbia Grant, which will pay for tuition and books and room and board for her freshman through senior seasons as a Lady Lion. Columbia is an NCAA Division I school and a member of the Ivy League.


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