Letter: Eclipse visitors appreciate community

Dear Editor,

My wife and I drove to Sabetha on Sunday, Aug. 20, to view the eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21. While the clouds made the viewing spotty it was still an awesome experience. We found a silver lining in the clouds however, the nice people of Sabetha.

We appreciate BJ and all the friendly ladies at the All Star Plaza Inn. The room was spotless and more than met our needs. We also appreciate BJ letting us hang out in our room until traffic cleared, for a very fair rate I might add. We also appreciate the nice folks at Scooters who let us in to see the great little band from Texas, but allowed us to sample the buffet line provided by the locals. Cold beer, loud music, good food and friendly people, it doesn’t get much better than that! We also do not want to forget the nice lady in the green t-shirt whose walk we interrupted with our many questions. What an ambassador! If she is not the mayor she should be. We wish would have gotten her name. I also apologize for having forgotten the name of the great Mexican restaurant next door to the Plaza convenience store where we had dinner before leaving town. The owner took extra time to visit with us. He is also proud of Sabetha!

We spent some time driving around your community as we had not been up your way in many years. What a nice little clean town with a great selection of local businesses. We only wish we had the time to use more of the coupons and stuff that came in your very nice visitor’s bag. Regardless, we will be back to see you before the next eclipse, promise.

A final note, to the young men (Mike and Neil) who charged us for our first night’s stay at the Plaza Inn. It was not the price that bothered us, guys, it was the way you went about your business. BJ and staff felt terrible about it and apologized frequently for the poor reflection on the Sabetha community. I am guessing you both understand the concept of Karma. You may have the money but you will pay much more in bad Karma on down the road.

Peace, love and happiness to all.

Jim and Peggy Hansen

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