Memories 9.6.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, September 2, 1892

A Warning – Sunday afternoon, Aug. 28th, the seals on two cars at this station were broken and cars opened. This is a penitentiary offense. It was committed by some Sabetha boys and I am informed as to their identity. While my personal friendship for the parents of these boys restrains me from making the proper legal complaint in this instance, I wish to state that I will stand no more annoyance and lawlessness of this of similar kinds. I hereby warn all boys to keep off the cars and premises of this company except when transacting business, and shall cause the arrest of everyone, no matter who, found tampering with cars in any manner. – F. E. Stewart Ag’t C.R.I.&P. Ry.

Elihn Sargent gave Sabetha people a happy surprise last Monday by appearing here on a three weeks leave of absence from his railway duties at Manhattan. Mr. Sargent is a night operator and express agent at the Rock Island railway station in Manhattan and is working right along up in the business.

Every well regulated town has an oil wagon and of course Sabetha has a good one. Set out your cans and they will be promptly filled with the best article in the market at the lowest prices.

100 years ago

Thursday, September 6, 1917

The work on the Powhattan school is progressing rapidly and it will be ready for occupancy by the first of December. School began Monday in the old building with Miss Leah Spring as principal Miss Maude Ashley as teacher of the intermediate grades and Miss Bertha Shore as teacher of the primary department.

Talk about being forehanded: Helen Beryl Newman aged three years insisted upon being taken down to Brumbaugh’s this morning to look at doll-buggies, “because,” she said, “Christmas will soon be here.”

A gardener says his tomato patch was saved by the blackbirds. The tomatoes were infected with bugs and worms and creeping things. He had given up the crop for lost. Then came the flock of blackbirds who ate up every grub, worm, fly and bug. He had a great crop. Was it not last year that Sabetha had a fusillade of shotguns into the blackbirds because they kept the neighbors awake.

Work has begun on the new building to be erected on the Lable Bros. lots at Axtell. The building will be used for the picture show, dance and basket ball hall and roller skating. Glea Hiskey will have charge of the building as Mr. Lable expects to enlist in the aviation corps.

75 years ago

Wednesday, September 2, 1942

Mayor’s Proclamation – All Sabetha business houses are requested to close during the funeral of Karl Moser at 10 o’clock Thursday morning out of respect to a Sabetha business man of long standing and a public official who was serving his second term as city commissioner at the time of his death. S. M. Hibbard, Mayor – Adv.

During August, Nemaha County livestock feeders have been buying wheat through the local AAA office from the Commodity Credit Corporation at 80 cents a bushel, according to A. L. Lortscher, chairman of the county AAA committee. The September price will be one half cent higher, and the cost in October will be up a cent over August.

Three officers and 31 enlisted men of the Sabetha Company of the Kansas State Guard returned home from Topeka Thursday evening, tired and sleep after five days of camp work said to have been more strenuous than regular army training, but with a better understanding of their job, a deeper appreciation of the service being rendered by men in the military service and a more profound feeling of patriotism.

We have just unloaded another carload of Genasco Shingles. They are the only shingles made of Trinidad Lake Asphalt. This is why they hold the coating and slate. No advance in prices. F. M. Spalding Lumber Co. – Ad

50 Years Ago

Thursday, September 7, 1967

Sabetha Parents Teachers Association has changed to Parent Teachers Organization, so that they might be a local organization rather than national. It is the thinking of the board that the 35 cents sent to P.T.A. for every 50 cent membership is hardly feasible. The material received from the organization is very little. With the change all dues are kept at home to help better our school system. Help support P.T.O.

Sabetha Bluejay football fans will get their first glimpse of the 1967 edition of the team Friday night at 7:30. New coach Gary Johnson has scheduled an intrasquad scrimmage for Friday evening. Anyone wishing to attend is welcome. In the past fans have brought soap to be used by the players but this is not necessary unless you wish to do so.

A vote that is important for its bearing on the problems of District 442 Unified School and its building program was taken in Sts. Peter and Paul parish. Presented was the question of whether Sts. Peter and Paul patrons wish to plan continuance of the Sts. Peter and Paul high school, or whether to join in the Unified district school. The vote is reported as 407 in favor of continuing the high school, and 514 in favor of the united school. It was estimated that approximately 229 persons of the parish also eligible to vote did not cast a ballot. -Seneca Courier-Tribune

Miss Charlotte Lehman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Lehman, became the bride of Mr. Frederick B. Aberle, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Aberle Sunday, Sept. 3, at the bride’s home on 1215 Virginia Street.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 2, 1992

At 6:50 on Aug. 28 Sharon Gruber went to work. She went in the backroom to clock in but never did. “I thought someone had blown the safe,” Gruber said. “Something smelled really hot, so I didn’t go clear in I just came back and called Doug.” Doug Garrett, owner of Gene’s Thriftway, said in the 20 years since his father, Gene, opened the store nothing like this has ever happened.

Professionalism on the part of the teachers and the school board is what makes this contract process exemplary. Despite the fact that the teachers of the Unified School District 488 have notified the board that they are at impasse, they continue to teach. And teach well, School District Superintendent David Gailey. Union disagreements with angry picketers and line crossers in jeopardy are only TV images in this settlement. No matter how peacefully the two have agreed to disagree, they still do. The actual difference in is $600. The teacher’s final offer, before impasse was $18,800. The board’s offer was $18,200.

On Aug. 14 Mac Equipment, Inc. acquired 100 percent ownership of SEMCO, Inc. a pneumatic material handling company located in Houston, Texas. SEMCO will continue to operate independently from its current facilities in Houston, Texas.

Work to begin soon on new Catholic church – Three years ago, the Sacred Heart community of Sabetha began planning the building a new church. Because of the increased Catholic populations in Sabetha, the present church which barely holds 150 people and offers no physical space for expansion, became inadequate. The parish, recognizing the need for a new church and hall, established a building committee whose purpose was to develop and set forth the various options and possibilities for parish approval.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Studio 2B Teen Girl Scouts hosted a self-defense seminar for girls on Thursday, Aug. 30, taught by self-defense instructor Junior Lowe. Approximately 24 girls in grades sixth through ninth participated.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has awarded 37 grants to establish electronic waste collection centers and assist cities and school districts in the purchase of playground cover and other products made from recycled waste tires. Grants awarded include $9,695 to the City of Bern, for the installation of rubber mulch, which is made from recycled waste tires, under new playground equipment and an existing swing at the City Park. Hiawatha, Troy Elementary School and Marysville Elementary School also received grants, which are funded from the 25-cent-per-tire excise paid on the purchase of new tires.

Donors gave 95 units during the Sabetha Community Blood Drive held Thursday, August 30, at the First United Methodist Church in Sabetha.


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