Memories 9.13.2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, September 9, 1892

Some newspaper man started the report that a Lawrence girl kneads bread with her gloves on, and another practical pencil pusher adds: “Well, so do we. We also need it with our shoes on, with our pants on and in, with all our clothes on. We need it dog-on bad and if our delinquents would pay up we would buy a whole bake shop.”

They’re Filling. If the merchants of Sabetha don’t give their newspapers a good liberal support they ought to have no papers. The Herald and Republican are among Kansas’ best weekly papers and are fighters for home all the time. Fill up the columns, you business men of Sabetha, and show your appreciation of that which is good. – Horton Headlight

School opened again last Monday and the balance of the new text books adopted by the county will be used this term. Sherwood’s Drug Store is headquarters for everything in the school book line. He will exchange your old books for new at the lowest rate and has the largest and cheapest line of tablets ever brought in to Kansas. All sizes of noiseless slate, new kind of slate eraser, pens, ink, sponges and many new novelties for the school room. If you want any thing for the school room go to Sherwood’s and get the best good for the least money.

100 years ago

Thursday, September 13, 1917

Edna Felmlee, the 11-year-old daughter of William Felmlee, was found unconscious by the section men on the railroad track at the stone bridge where the two railroads cross Monday at noon. They did not know who the child was and took her to the hospital, where she regained consciousness but did not recollect having fainted. The child had been working hard to make up two studies in which she was behind, and which had distressed had a great deal. She wandered out the track and that is all she remembers. She is at home today quite ill.

The chances a boy takes in war, where he is carefully fed, required to sleep correctly and take the proper exercises, are not great than those he meets rampsing around from his childhood up coasting down hills, climbing trains and telephone poles, catching diseases, batting each other around, playing football, etc. etc.

Several of our ladies signed the food pledge card Wednesday afternoon also registration to service a number of ladies registered. This is not compulsory and does not mean compulsory service. It is an avenue by which our government may secure valuable general information.

Peaches in the peach belt are ripening slowly because of the cool weather. This is the reason the peaches ordered for Sabetha by local merchants are somewhat delayed in arriving.

75 years ago

Wednesday, September 9, 1942

The high school is making plans to carry out the usual athletic program this year. There will be some modifications, but no drastic change is in sight. Coach George Stripe held football practice Monday evening and expressed satisfaction with the number of boys reporting. There are 35 on the squad.

Although the Sabetha schools, along with others throughout the country are handicapped by the war, education here is going ahead in good shape and without containment in the opinion of Supt. W. O. Stark. Mr. Stark said Tuesday that both schools are getting off to a good start, adjusting themselves to changing conditions. Although an acute shortage of teachers exists, Mr. Stark feels a teaching staff  fully up to the standards always maintained here has been assembled and is going ahead with the training of this territory’s young persons.

Frank J. Rist will show some of his Poland China hogs that are worth over $108.00 each at the present market price at his booth at the Richardson County Fair at Humboldt next week. You can also see his Home Grown Hybrid seed corn in the field. Why not see the corn you buy. Free transportation to the to the seed field. – Adv.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, September 14, 1967

“We’re in the home stretch and we are going to hit our goal.” So spoke Lou Wenger, general chairman of the Sabetha Community Hospital Improvement Fund Drive this Thursday morning. Mr. Wenger made his optimistic forecast while announcing that the latest audited figures on the drive show that $174,981.60 has been pledged toward the goal of $250,000.

The Calvin Stewart home at 221 South Eighth Street in Sabetha was entered Monday afternoon and a thief stole a considerable sum of cash. Police have not released the exact loss but it is said that the money was mostly in small change. Miss Stewart was home at the time but had gone outside at 2:30 to do some painting. It began to sprinkle at three o’clock and so she re-entered the house to discover the loss. The thief evidently entered through the back door, ransacked several drawers in a bedroom until he discovered a box with change in it. He then left. Mrs. Stewart first noticed something unusual when she found several pieces of money lying on the ground and then found the box in which the change was kept.

Mrs. Earl Hightower took their daughter, Miss Janie Hightower, to Manhattan on Monday to enroll and get organized for the school year which will get underway on Thursday. Miss Janie is majoring in Clothing and Retailing and is a junior this year.

Sabetha Police Chief Ralph McCord is shown checking damage after a car driven by Mrs. Dick Bestwick of Sabetha was struck by a Union Pacific train shortly before 11 Wednesday morning. Also in the car was Mr. Bestwick. Neither occupant was injured. The 1964 Buick was clipped on the right front fender by the engine of the train and pushed aside. Mrs. Bestwick was approaching the tracks from the north on Eleventh street near the city light plant. There is no blinker light at this crossing.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 9, 1992

Horns honked and hands waved thanks as revived travelers pulled out of the rest stop at the junction of US highway 75 and 36 over Labor Day weekend. The 32nd annual event served coffee, tea, orange drink and cookies to more than 1,700 travelers.

Recent guests of Wilma Beer were cousins Charlotte and Bud Stout of Mt. Zion, Ill. They were joined by her sister, Gladys Layson, and another cousin, Georgina Behrends of Auburn, for dinner at Wilma’s. The next day they went to Omaha to the Henry Doorly Zoo and the new rain forest that opened in April.

The Blue Jays got sweet revenge by taking on highly regarded Silver Lake Sept. 4 and beating them by a 21-0 score. They Jays were still smarting from last year’s game and they were ready to redeem themselves. Jason Meyer acted as if he took the loss personally as he burned the Eagle defense for 180 yards on 28 carries.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The first state champion tree he found and measured was a concolor fir just south of Morrill, which is indeed a magnificent tree just to view. It is located on the west side of Dewberry Road approximately one-eighth mile south of Morrill Elevator. The Kansas Forest Service Champion Tree Program is headed up by Jim Strine, a district forester in Hays.

Jerry and Karen Nordus and boys enjoyed Friday night in Topeka at the West Ridge Lanes Bowling Alley. Jerry is an avid league bowler at the Seneca Lanes, and he participated in a Pro-Am bowling tournament with professionals on Friday. – Bern News

The members of Sacred Heart Parish in Sabetha will hold their annual picnic Sunday evening, Sept. 16, on the church grounds. Serving of the family-style chicken and ham dinner with all the trimmings will begin at 4:30 p.m. int he air-conditioned church social hall.


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