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125 Years Ago

Friday, September 16 1892

Fred Hook was arrested, Sunday on complaint of L. H. Pohl of entering his meat market and taking from there $47. After a couple of days sojourn in the strong place at Seneca Fred was brought before Justice N. S. Smith and as a result of the preliminary examination was bound over to the district court which has adjourned till next December.

When a young lady can go out hunting, shoot a duck, prepare it for the oven and bring it out a beautiful brown in the course of ten minutes she ought to get a prize.

There seems to be no hope of lower rates to the G. A. R. encampment. As has happened several times before, the cutting of rates has been done in favor of other bodies, and the old soldiers have been left in the lurch. Notwithstanding this, however the gathering promises to be the largest in the history of the country since the grand parade in 1865.

The democratic(?) county convention was held Tuesday. They endorsed the alliance ticket without a shiver or a grimace taking it down as if it agreed with them.

100 years ago

Thursday, September 20, 1917

Another minister will be employed as pastor of the Congregational church. Reverend Beaver’s health is such that he will be unable to continue as pastor of the church. Because of his long and faithful services in the church Reverend Beaver’s salary will continue thru September.

Morrill has been doing a lot of building this summer and the improvement is noticeable. The handsome new home of Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Reid is completed and they are domiciled in it. The house has six rooms on the ground floor and a basement containing five complete rooms.

The Herald has a letter from the government requesting voluntary censorship of soldier’s letters. The Herald has been exercising a careful censorship of all letters from the first. Some of the letters contained matter of value to the enemy unwittingly written by the soldier correspondent. Every word was eliminated.

The girls of the eighth grade will study  Domestic Science once each week. They are so very anxious to make this study that they want to stay after school if necessary.

75 years ago

Wednesday, September 16, 1942

As The Herald goes to press this Wednesday afternoon the Dailey Bros Circus is set up at the Sabetha ball park in two large tents, one for the animals and one as the big top. There also are a number of smaller tents. Many visited the lot during the morning to watch the outfit set up. There will be a performance this evening as well as this afternoon.

Judge C. W. Ryan ordered two Nemaha county men to prison last week as the September term of court got under way. They are Bert Cole, Kelly, convicted as a persistent liquor law violator, and John R. “Pete” Rooney the latter for violation of parole for desertion of his wife and three children. Cole was convicted in Nemaha county district court last March. He appealed to the supreme court but did not carry the case through. He was sentenced on two liquor counts to a total of not more than one year. Rooney was sentenced on four counts to a term of from two or four years in January, 1941, and was paroled on condition that he provide $35 a month and later $50 a month toward the support of his family.

Every rural school but one in Nemaha county has a teacher to start last Monday, Exception was the Carroll school, Dist. No. 6, north of Baileyville. There have been several applicants and there seems to be little doubt the school will soon be going. Carroll is a large school, with enrollment near 20 last year.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, September 19, 1967

The Board of Education of Unified District 441 met in adjourned session of their regular meeting Thursday night and heard reports from Glenn Horst, architect, and Bob Bundy of Beecroft and Cole. The result of the session was to set the date of Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1967, as the time for the voters to decide on the proposed $1,399,000 bond issue to build a new high school in Sabetha for the students of the district and to make major capital improvements at the Wetmore attendance center.

Sabetha Police Chief Ralph McCord received stitches on his right hand as a result of wounds he received in a scuffle with a prisoner Thursday afternoon. Chief McCord arrested Wayne Cornelius, an escapee from the Kansas State Mental Hospital in Topeka, as he was driving through Sabetha around noon Thursday. He took the man to the city jail and then after notifying Topeka authorities learned that he was driving a stolen car so he returned to the car to detain the other passenger, Larry Bowles of Topeka. Mr. Bowles was later exonerated as innocent of any knowledge of wrongdoing. When Chief McCord returned to the jail with Mr. Bowles, he opened the jail door to be confronted with Cornelius who was brandishing a piece of glass. Cornelius, around 21 years of age, had broken a window in the jail and threatened McCord with a sharp piece. He suddenly dropped the glass and grabbed a leg off a table that was in the jail room, which he had also broken into pieces. After being struck a couple of times McCord managed to get out of the jail room.

The marriage of Karen Arlene Grimm and Freddie Dale Feek was solemnized in a double ring ceremony at 8 p.m. Sept. 2, 1967, in the Church of the Brethren, Sabetha, Kas.

All employees of the city of Sabetha are going without their paychecks this week. All bills against the city of Sabetha remain unpaid. The reason for this unusual situation, unmatched in the 100 year history of this town, is that Mayor Lew Hilt has declined to sign the necessary vouchers and checks. The Sabetha Herald has not mentioned this latest turmoil of the commissioners that has been boiling for the last few weeks in hopes that it might be resolved by mature men in a mature manner. Also the proposed action of the Mayor, which involves his desire to remove one his appointed servants from the post now held, has never been officially sanctioned or accepted by Commissioners Harlan Meyer and Lou Wenger so therefore has never actually become a part of the official city business. It is the mayor’s contention that this public servant has not gotten his reports in to the commissioners within the time limit allotted by law. Mayor Hilt announced at the meeting two weeks ago that no business would be transacted until his action is considered by the other commissioners. Monday the question was again breached by Mayor Hilt without support from Commissioners Wenger and Meyer. The Mayor then announced that it would not be necessary to continue signing the vouchers. The city employees are not paid so well that they can afford to go very long without their earned wages. In our opinion the city of sabetha is not so strong that it can continue indefinitely with the type of leadership it has been forced to endure since Mayor Hilt was elected to office.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 16, 1992

Sabetha City Commissioners are further prepared in case the Sabetha Housing Corp. is awarded funding for a new housing development. An ordinance changing some of the property at the site of the former middle school at First and Main from single-residence use to multi-residence use was approved by the commission at its Sept. 14 meeting.

A City of Sabetha employee received first- and second-degree burns over 30 percent of his body in a flash fire on Thursday, Sept. 10. The fire occurred at 9:02 a.m. at the city maintenance shop on the west edge of town while Pat Rodecap, Sabetha, was filling a city truck with resurfacing oil to chip and seal a section of north Sixth Street. Rodecap, who was standing on the top of the truck at the time of the flash, said all he remembers is jumping from the truck and taking off his shirt.

The sound of a plane engine stalling led a local couple to assist a Missouri man after his plane crashed Friday morning, Sept. 11, east of Sabetha. Berniel Gabbert of Grant City, Mo., was flying his single engine Allon Air Coup from Grant City to Sabetha to pick up some parts from Hopp Equipment when his plane’s engine began to stall. Beverly Goodman of rural Sabetha said her husband, Elvin, was in their yard when the plane began to stall. The plane came down in a milo field north of the Sabetha Airport runway near K-246 highway, just east of mile marker one.

An addition of 7,000 square feet to Gene’s Thriftway will make the grocery store the largest in a 50-mile radius. After the addition, the store will be known as Garrett Country Mart. The Country Mart concept utilizes a cross between a full service store and a discount operation, allowing items to be more competitively priced, said store co-owner Doug Garrett.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sabetha Sore-n-High team will field five participants — Steve Deiter, Martin Mishler, Susan Johnson and Bob Champlin, all of Sabetha, and Libby Ensley of Topeka —  in the annual MS-150 Bike Ride in Topeka. Sabetha residents will also participate as support staff. Jim Johnson, Susan’s husband, and Gene and Delores Albery will staff rest stops along the route.

Nemaha County “is the only Kansas county considered a retirement destination by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” according to an article by Karrey Britt that was published in Sunday’s edition of the Lawrence Journal-World. Laszlo Kulcsar, a demographer and director of the Kansas Population Center at Kansas State University, believes the Apostolic Christian Retirement Village in Sabetha, which has grown from a 26-bed nursing home in 1961 to a continuum care area with 210 residents, has been key to the county’s retirement designation.

Chris Rebant rushed for 106 yards and two touchdowns in the Sabetha Bluejay football team’s win over the Hiawatha Red Hawks on Friday, Sept. 14. Rebant also was a leading tackler in the game.

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