4-H Club: Stateliners

Submitted by Helen Krehbiel

As the new 4-H year launches next month, the Stateliners 4-H Club is gearing up.

President Nathan Knapp opened the September meeting with prayer, after which Jenny Edelman and Maddy Mosteller led the pledge to the American and 4-H Flag, along with the 4-H Pledge to “Make the Best Better.”

The club sang, “The Leaves Are Falling Down” to the tune of “The Farmer in the Dale,” led by Lane Mosteller. Members answered to the roll call by naming a good movie.

As reported at the meeting, 4-H week is Oct. 1 through 7, and it’s also the beginning of the 4-H year. During that week, 4-Hers will promote 4-H and begin enrolling for the new year.

Election of 2017-18 officers constituted the remainder of the meeting. The club elected the following officers for next year: president, Helen Krehbiel; vice president, Leah Renyer; secretary, Amanda Krehbiel; treasurer, Luke Renyer; reporter, Maddy Mosteller; parliamentarians, Anna Knapp, Nathan Knapp and Rachel Krehbiel; historians, Jenny Edelman, Jonathan Knapp, Collin Jost and Nathan Knapp; county council representatives, Leah Renyer and Anna Knapp with alternates Nathan Knapp and Thomas Edelman; song leaders, Jenny Edelman, Jonathan Knapp and Haven Knapp; recreation leaders, Jonathan Knapp, Haven Knapp, Collin Jost and Luke Renyer; pledge leaders, Lane Mosteller and Jenny Edelman; and photographers, Leah Renyer, Rachel Krehbiel and Thomas Edelman.

The club adjourned to delicious snacks provided by the Knapp family.


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