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125 Years Ago

Friday, September 30, 1892

Buck and Robertson now have the corner grocery. Mr. Dubois gave possession last Tuesday morning. The changes in the grocery in Sabetha outnumber all other businesses combined, but whether all soon get rich or all fail to we do not know.

A “strike” was announced last Wednesday in the office of our contemporary. If a country paper tries to be metropolitan it is a great pity that its aspirations should be nipped in the bud by an untimely frost of labor difficulties. But it is universally true that their is no excellence without great labor.

September has been a very warm and dry month in Kansas. Nothing better for the corn crop could have been desired, and it is maturing rapidly. Of course it will not equal a full crop in this vicinity.

Prohibition headquarters have been opened two doors west of the Herald office, where the best way to vote will be shown. We can assure our reader that nothing out of the way will be done or talked there unless it be to present in a way a little overdrawn the wickedness of those who vote the other way.

100 years ago

Thursday, October 4, 1917

A picnic was held at the Rufus Miller park on Poney Creek, one day last week by the Saylor families and relatives in honor or Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Saylor who have been visiting here from Tempe Arizona. Nearly a hundred were present. Mr. and Mrs. Saylor started home the following day.

Children never call their grandmothers “grandmaw” any more. The word “grandmother” is give them and the grandmother is called by whatever name the baby makes out of it in his baby talk. The woman on the Grand Island train was called “Guagua” by her first grandchild and now all her family and relations call her that, and she signs “Guagua” to all her letters.

The man, who invests in the average advertised oil stocks is a sucker and is so regarded. Also he is treated as a sucker. It is regarded as ungentlemanly to return money to a sucker.

Not one person in a thousand believes there is such a thing as ever bearing strawberries. We doubted it also until Thursday when Jim Musgrove exhibited them in real life. Any they are sweet too. Many do not seem able to make the ever bearing berries succeed.

75 years ago

Wednesday, September 30, 1942

Oil drilling that looks like the real McCoy has begun in the Sabetha area. A rotary rig moved onto the Leigh Mills farm three miles north of Sabetha Tuesday. Clifton Gall, drilling operator and lease holder in the area said yesterday that the drilling contractor. S. J. Brown of Falls City, expected to begin boring the hole today. He expects the bit to reach the Hunton limestone at a level of between 2300 and 2500 feet within 15 days.

The nation is near the rationing of gasoline to save tires. Price Administration Leon Henderson has stated rationing will likely start November 22. Basic allowance will be a little less than four gallons per week. This will be on “A” card.

A number of Sabetha Masons are attending a district meeting of the order being held in Horton this Wednesday evening. Dr. E. J. Harold of Sabetha, is district deputy grand master and will be in charge of the program, which begins with a chicken dinner at the Presbyterian church at 6:30, after which they will adjourn to the Masonic Hall where visiting lodges will fill the chairs with Dr. Clyde Gray of Horton as master. The ladles will be entertained at a picture show after dinner.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, October 3, 1967

Mrs. Paul Tanking, Sabetha elementary teacher, is a patient at the Sabetha hospital following an accident on the school playground. Mrs. Tanking twisted her ankle and fell, skinning her knees during recess Friday. She was taken to the hospital where x-rays disclosed a bone chip in the ankle. It is not known how long she will be forced to remain in the hospital.

The Albany Historical Society moved the R.I. R.R. Depot from Bern to the Albany Museum grounds Tuesday, thus preserving another fast disappearing symbol of the past. With the railroads discontinuing the branch lines to many small towns these depots are being torn down or just rot away, but now the Bern Depot will take its permanent place next to the Berwick school house in “Preserving the Past for the Future.” Stop out and see them at the Albany Museum grounds.

See and hear Bill Larson, the “hard-core” incorrigible convict, who spent 20 years in prison. He has now joined the 7th-Step Foundation, dedicated to helping ex-convicts. Two years out of prison, he has given more than 1,000 talks which have persuaded his listeners to join his fight against crime and to help restore to society the men coming out of prison. Equally important are his words to youth to profit by his experience and to stay out of trouble. Mr. Larson will be sponsored by the Sabetha PTO. Whether a parent or not, you are urged to hear this man.

Pictured above are the two trailers that are being used at the Sabetha elementary school to combat overcrowded classroom conditions. There are two classes held in each of the trailers. The trailers are located on the south side of the school building. A third trailer is also in use at the high school and two rooms on the second floor of the city library are used for kindergarten children. The school bond issue on Oct. 24 would result in a new comprehensive high school in Sabetha with the junior high school students moving into the present high school building.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 30, 1992

Sabetha High School’s 1970 football team, which included new principal Dennis Stones, will be honored for its 8-1 record during this year’s homecoming activities. Sabetha will play Royal Valley during the game on Friday evening, Oct. 9. Other activities will take place before the game in conjunction with the recognition of the 1970 football team, cheerleaders and homecoming attendants.

Nemaha County received third place honors in the 4-H/FFA livestock judging contest at the Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson. Pictured from the left are Gary Couchman, Sabetha, coach; Ryan Feldkamp, Centralia; Trent Strahm, Sabetha, also named top individual; Carrie Edelman, Sabetha; and Dayra Meyer, Sabetha.

Angela Bauman and BranDee Spielman, both of Nemaha County, have been named Kansas Dairy Princesses. Angela is the daughter of Galen and Karen Bauman of rural Sabetha and BranDee is the daughter of Jerry and Sue Spielman of rural Seneca. Both girls helped with the awards and ribbons presented at the 27th annual Kansas All Breeds Junior Dairy Show.

Dr. Mark A. Edelman, a Sabetha native, received the National Distinguished Extension Program Award at the 1992 American Agricultural Economics Association annual meetings in Baltimore, Md.

Nellie Herbster hosted supper Thursday evening for Mr. and Mrs. Danny Hay, Ryan and Jarod and Julie Howerton of Topeka, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tedman, Matt and Meganne, and Mr. and Mrs. David Herbster of Sabetha, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Herbster, Cody and Maggie, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herbster and Marty, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Herbster and Judd. Ryan, David and Marty all celebrated their birthdays in September. Ice cream and birthday cake were served later in the evening.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shortly after noon Monday, Sept. 24, Robert R. Holloway Jr., 41, of Topeka made a stunning, unintentional flight across Rock Creek adjacent to U.S. Highway 75 in the extreme northeast corner of Nemaha County, just short of the Nebraska state line. The results of the hard landing sent Holloway to Sabetha Community Hospital, with Sabetha EMS transporting him, for treatment of injuries. Holloway was later lifeflighted to Stormont-Vail Regional Health Center in Topeka.

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P. has applied to the U.S. Department of State for a Presidential Permit at the border of the United States for the proposed construction, connection, operation and maintenance of a pipeline and associated facilities for importation of crude oil from Canada. Transport crude oil for Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to U.S. Midwest markets, Keystone is proposed to traverse Nemaha and Brown counties, virtually alongside the Rockies Express natural gas pipeline currently being built.

A program to help people deal with “hurts, hangups and habits” is offered every Saturday evening at NorthRidge Church in Sabetha. Celebrate Recovery, a world-wide program, offers help through a Christ-centered 12-step program that is adapted from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but with a Biblical comparison.

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