Memories: October 11, 2017

125 Years Ago

Friday, October 7, 1892

A few weeks ago it was announced that Judge Gresham would support the people’s party. Now it is said that he will vote with the democratic party. It is the prohibition party’s turn next.

The committee on invitation for the reception of Wednesday evening desire to say that in the haste of sending out invitations, and on account of the impossibility of getting a complete list of the citizens of the city, many whom they would have gladly included were omitted, and they wish to assure any such that omission was entirely an unintentional oversight on their part.

It is as necessary to send two boys to town for sugar as it used to be, only there is a difference. Before the days of the McKinley bill it took two boys to carry eggs enough to town to buy a dollar’s worth of sugar, though one boy could carry the sugar home. But now, in these days of the robber McKinley bill, one boy can carry enough eggs to town to buy a dollar’s worth of sugar, but it requires two boys to carry it home. Down with the McKinley bill! It hasn’t made it easier for the boys the least little bit.

Stop using that old wheezy pump and get a good one that will last an ordinary life time. Schultz and Henry keep them.

100 years ago

Thursday, October 11, 1917

Miss Vina Newman has sorted, tied and packed, and shipped today 1,335 magazines and 170 books to the soldiers at Fort Sill. This is the donation of Sabetha in response to Governor Capper’s call for Library day. It was a prompt and generous supply as is always the case in Sabetha. The books were sent to Ft. Sill at the request of James King State Librarian.

The person who stole the two bridles from Harry Hennigh’s barn last week could hardly hope to escape detection as Harry belongs to the Central Protective Association which has 300 members in every neighborhood. Result the bridles are located but members hesitate to bring an action as it would necessarily be serious since the bridles are worth $10. If the person who took the bridles prompty leaves them at Hennigh’s or the rear of The Herald office the matter will be dropped. Otherwise, publicity and prosecution is up to the one who took ‘em.

We know how the Inquistors of the fifteenth century felt when they found joy in torturing people. We have much the same feeling in watching the struggles of flies caught in the fly paper.

A Sabetha woman is wondering just what her status with her husband is. He will not trust her out of his sight with the family automobile, but he would let her go to Europe, or any other old place, with any man on earth.

75 years ago

Wednesday, October 7, 1942

Working in close co-operation with the Sabetha salvage committee and The Herald, the Sabetha grade and high schools dismissed classes Monday afternoon and devoted their time to gathering scrap metal from town and country for Uncle Sam. An earlier plan to delay the school participation in the program until later was abandoned when it was suggested by Supt. W. O Stark that the school children and young persons might give the drive a real impetus and help publicize the project as well as get in a lot of Iron to throw at the Axis. The suggestion proved to be well founded.

Sam Cook went pheasant hunting with a Kansas City friend. They got their limit. Sam kept enough for a family meal and gave the rest to the K.C. man. There’s the tops of politeness or is it? Fern Cook hates to prepare pheasants after a day or so drive from spot of killing. Works both ways; peace in the family and how to make friends and keep ‘em.

Mayor Henderson’s car, stolen in Horton, was found in Kansas City Friday when it was pursued by Kansas City police in a race that ended in a crash. Eugene Lister and wife, young Rossville, Kansas couple, just married, were arrested, together with two other youths. The four are being held for transporting firearms and auto theft. At present: Officers here have just had word the Oldsmobile stolen from B. L. Lohmuller, Centralia has been found at Olathe, stripped and smashed.

Monday afternoon Ronnie Fuller, little 16 month old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Snyder called at the post office and bought a war bond with his pennies. Made him feel quite big to be doing his part in this war.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, October 12, 1967

The Albany Historical Society, Inc., of Sabetha, Kansas is initiating a Swap Meet. A Swap Meet is your opportunity to display your merchandise in the Sabetha area at a small cost to you. Stalls measuring twenty feet by thirty feet will be marked out for individual use. This is large enough for your pickup, car or station wagon. Sell or trade right from your load. All proceeds are your own. The only expense you incur is the $5 donation fee per stall to help support the Albany Historical Society.

L. D. Auker, owner of the Auker Foundry, spent several days in Sabetha last week. Mr. Auker was making preliminary plans for the construction and location of the gray iron foundry that is to be located near Sabetha. It is hoped that construction on the plant with 18,000 square feet of floor space can begin in the near future. Operation of the industry will probably not begin before early 1968. Approval of a $200,000 SBA loan for the project was announced several weeks ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Edelman, Sabetha, became the parents of a son October 6. He weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces and has been named Morey Allen.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kuenzi of Bern announce the birth of twin sons, weight four pounds twelve ounces and four pounds fourteen ounces, Sunday, Oct. 8, at the Pawnee Hospital. As yet the twins have not been named. The maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Emil Strahm of Bern. The paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kuenzi of Bern.

Fire broke out at the Wetmore public school Wednesday noon. Smoke filled the halls as the students were quickly evacuated with no one being injured. The fire and smoke reportedly started from a smoldering gunnysack in a storage room. The flames were quickly extinguished with no major damage resulting. All students were dismissed for the remainder of the day so that a thorough check could be made of the building.

The amount of bonds to be voted on is not to exceed $1,399,000. The present assessed valuation of Unified School District No. 441 is $16,775,615. The estimated average annual mill levy needed to pay off the bonds and interest over a twenty year period is 6.14 mills. One mill is equal to 10 cents for each $100.00 of assessed valuation. Property in Unified School District No. 41 is now assessed at approximately 30% of its actual value and taxes are levied only against this assessed figure. It should also be noted that about 14% of this bond issue will be paid by the utility companies located in our district.

This area is going to be invaded on Sunday, Nov. 12, by a group of star gazers. In fact, this area will be the scene of a heavenly phenomenon that has only occurred six times previously throughout the world since 1746.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 7, 1992

Sabetha High School homecoming candidates are Jenny Smith, daughter of Steve and Linda Lukert; Trent Rokey, son of Morris and Arlinda Rokey; Eric Matson, son of Ken and Mary Matson; Brandon Campbell, son of Robert and Diana Campbell; Emily Renyer, daughter of Herman and Jean Renyer; Shelly Glace, daughter of Bill and Janie Glace; Carrie Edelman, daughter of Gary and Marilyn Edelman; and Jason Meyer, son of Larry and Joyce Meyer. The crowning will take place during half time of the Oct. 9 football game against Royal Valley.

Only one day remains for Nemaha County Commissioners to join the regional juvenile detention facility to be located in Douglas County, but they do not plan to participate. “The way things are with Nemaha’s low usage and the high cost of joining the regional facility, the commission thinks it’s better to explore every possible alternative,” said Kenny Keegan, Nemaha County Commission chairman. Joining the regional facility would cost Nemaha County taxpayers more than $30,000, Keegan said.

Blue Jay cross country runner Tanya Werner finished first again on Oct. 1, competing against runners from five other schools in the Horton meet. Courtney Stewart and Dan Talley were other repeat medalists for the Jays. Times clocked were inaccurate because both the boys’ and girls’ courses were short of the required length. Coach Scott Burger said each of the girls’ times should include another 50 seconds, and the boys’ times an additional 1 minute, 40 seconds. The times given for the day were Werner 12:01, Stewart 12:35 (sixth place) and Talley, 16:12 (third place). The Sabetha girls were fifth and boys were sixth overall. Also competing for the Jays were Carrie Edelman, Shelby Plattner, Leslie Stewart, Jamie Herrmann, Tim Bailey, Matt Talley, Mike Bachelor, Jim Rice and Justin Campbell.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bryson Haverkamp and Molly Edelman are crowned Bern Homecoming King and Queen prior to kickoff of the Indians’ battle with the Linn Bulldogs Friday night, October 5.

Jeff Kramer, representing Fairview Mills, then came to the meeting to present the expansion plan that Fairview Mills is considering. He discussed the building Fairview Mills hopes to build. The mill in Fairview has outlived its useful life, Kramer said, but they can’t tear it down and then replace it, because that would mean being out of business for nine months. The expansion, if built in Fairview, would be between the existing mill and the fire shed, he said.

On Oct. 1, Westar Energy, Inc. announced that it has reached tentative agreements with developers who will build three wind farms in Kansas totaling approximately 300 megawatts. Earlier this year, JW Prairie Windpower LLC of Lawrence submitted a bid to supply power to Westar, but the bid was not one of those selected. JWPW has other options for submitting bids, according to Lynnette Wood, site manager for JWPW.

A street sign standing in the shade of the tree a few feet away is nothing special. It is a scene you see nearly every day in most communities. In Greensburg, Kansas, however, it is special. It is among the many small signs that the town — like the trees — is starting to come back to life after the devastating tornado on May 4, 2007. Five months later, most of the mangled debris that was the town is gone. Power, water and telephone service are available and a few homes and businesses are starting to reappear. While the signs look promising, there is still a long way to go. – Cort Anderson, Kansas Press Association

Sabetha High School’s tennis team made an impressive showing at regionals action hosted by K.C. Christian Thursday, Oct. 4. The Lady Jays placed second in team points with 10, just one behind K.C. Christian. Sabetha’s number one doubles team of Erica Wysong and Jenna Kellenberger earned gold, finishing the regular season with a 12-7 record.

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