Students’ injuries are problematic at Wetmore Academic Center

Submitted by Seth Shumaker, WHS Student Correspondent

Between sports and work-related incidents, several Wetmore students have sustained inhibiting (and frustrating) injuries. Casts, crutches and slings are common sights around Wetmore School.

Currently, sports injuries are rampant for the Wetmore students. Middle school student Kurt Shumaker received a broken arm as a result of a tough hit at football practice at Sabetha.

Junior Noah Ball just recently injured her ankle while playing at a volleyball game, while senior Kyler Vance fractured his forearm during a football game.

“I find it interesting how quickly everyone is getting injured all within the same time frame. We can almost start our own little hospital here,” Ball said.

Junior Britton Myers is still recovering from a finger incident from late summer. While he was driving posts, he almost severed his entire finger.

A similar incident happened to junior Seth Shumaker while moving a fridge. As a result, two tendons, a nerve, and an artery were all severed in one of his fingers.

Injuries happen, but most of the injured at Wetmore High School would rather they didn’t.

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