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125 Years Ago

Friday, October 14, 1892

Mrs. Kilmer has been having much trouble with her eyes and last week it was decided that one of them must be removed in order to save the other. On Tuesday, Dr. Cullimore, of Omaha, assisted by Dr. Reding performed the delicate operation. The patient endured the shock very well and is now resting comparatively comfortable.

Mr. and Mrs. Guild gave a delightful tea to forty or fifty friends on Wednesday evening. The personnel of the party was so congenial and every arrangement for the pleasure of the guests so perfect, in ever detail, that it might truthfully be said a more charming evening could not have been spent. Some people possess a distinct gift for entertaining and in this regard Mr. and Mrs. Guild are exceptionally fortunate.

Horton had its customary shooting affair on Tuesday. About a dozen shots were exchanged on Main street between a couple of tenghs, killing niether of them, unfortunately. A stray bullet of course had to hit some innocent party, a is usually the case, and this time W. H. Kemper was the unfortunate man. He is carrying a painful flesh wound in his right arm.

A. W. Cracraft met with an unfortunate accident last Saturday. While grooming a horse the animal kicked, breaking his arm in two places.

100 years ago

Thursday, October 18, 1917

The surprise of the Fall Festival this year is the poultry department. Literally there are hundred of birds on exhibition. The quality is the best ever shown here. The entire second floor of the Fall Festival building is given over to the poultry show. Down stairs was too small. Don’t fail to look at the birds.

If you want to know how to make a soldiers Christmas bag and what to put in it see Miss Frieda Weiss in the fancy work department of the Fall Festival in the Kemper building. She will explain everything. You can see Miss Weiss Wednesday Thursday or Friday this week any time in the Kemper Building.

During the year 1916 Nemaha county spent on its roads and bridges $125,736.37. This is the result of the work of the accountant employed by The Herald to learn as nearly as possible how much money was spent in each township on roads, bridges and culverts. It was impossible to learn how much was spent by road districts. This is where the system of accounting is weak. There is no chance for each road district to be compared with other districts, as to value received by the taxpayers.

L. J. Smith and M. Howery shipped sixty head of shoats to the St. Joseph market last week. The shoats were six months old and averaged 200 pounds.

75 years ago

Wednesday, October 14, 1942

The War Production Board has ordered all produce stations buying cream to buy and test cream only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of each week after October 19. This affects the Seymour and Holdren stations in Sabetha.

The D. H. Hardman construction company is beginning the surfacing of the half mile stretch of U.S. Highway 75 on each side of the uncompleted Rock Island underpass a half mile south of the Sabetha cemetery on the county line road. Establishment of grade has been completed with a considerable cut south of the underpass and a fill on the north side. The road will receive stabilized base with oil top surface, the same as the remainder of the highway. Gravel is now being placed on the road preparatory to this treatment.

The response to an appeal by Mrs. E. S. Dekat, Mrs. H. F. Breitweiser and Mrs. Coral Deaver for women to make Red Cross surgical dressings was not sufficient to get the job done in the time allotted, although the directors of the work are optimistic about greater future attendance. Five women reported for work at the Sabetha library Tuesday afternoon, where they were instructed by Mrs. Dekat and Mrs. Breitweiser.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, October 17, 1967

This is the car of Sabetha cobbler, Jack Levin, after it had struck a tree on Main Street in front of the Church of the Brethren. The accident happened around 7 Saturday evening. Police Officer Albert Holthaus investigated and said Mr. Levin apparently blackedout at the wheel. The car crossed the street to ram into the tree. Mr. Levin was taken to the Sabetha Community Hospital by Popkess ambulance but was released after treatment. The car was badly damaged by the impact. Mr. Levin hopes to be able to return to his shoe shop this Thursday.

A couple who has been making their home west of Hiawatha since around October 1, were apprehended by Federal Bureau of Investigation authorities from St. Joseph and Sheriff Lawrence Matthias Thursday, October 12, while they were shopping for furniture at Hiawatha Home Furnishings. Mary Ann Dryden, 55, of Branson, Mo., was taken into custody on a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for forgery. She presumably forged her employer’s signature to acquire $4,500, according to Sheriff Matthias. She had been employed by an automobile dealer in Branson. Her husband, Raymond Dryden, 52, will be taken back to Wichita, Kans., where he has been sought for a parole violation. Both were paroled from Wichita on a felony charge in which they were convicted in 1965.

Angus cattle do a lot of prize winning but not for showing up well on a road at night. Undersheriff Herbie Bontrager is spending a few days at Axtell Hospital, with some neck injuries, due to a black cow on the road. Bontrager was on a private trip near Louisville, in Pottawatomie County Monday night and was near the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s car when the other car hit the cow, turning it into the Bontrager car. Damage to the Bontrager car was quite heavy.

Mike McLaughlin, 18, a native of Tecumseh, Nebr., held at Richardson County jail in Falls City, jumped to freedom from a third story window, and escaped uninjured, but returned later after having second thoughts about the wisdom of his act.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 14, 1992

October 5 was a day of firsts at Sabetha Community Hospital. For the hospital, the day marked the start of the cardiac rehabilitation program, and the work with their first patient in the program.

Peggy Snook of Topeka will present an informational program about Heartland SHARE at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Sabetha nutrition center, 1116 Main. Heartland SHARE, an acronym for Self Help and Resource Exchange, is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to encouraging community service and in return providing a supplemental food package to the participating individuals and families volunteering within the community. It is not funded by the government, nor is it intended to be a charity, give-away program.

Over 160 Nemaha County high school seniors attended Student Government Day Oct. 7 at the Nemaha County Courthouse in Seneca. The county hosted the event. The day began with voter registration. Each student was issued a ballot and voted, with the following results.

Everett and Adela Byer were Oct. 7 dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hoover at the senior citizens center in Abilene. They were pleased to meet Rev. and Mrs. Glenn Fruth and visit with them. Mrs. Fruth is doing volunteer work. Rev. Fruth was pastor of the Sabetha Church of the Brethren and moderator for the Morrill Church of the Brethren while they lived in our area.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lance and Leaine Fanning went to Wichita Monday to attend the service awards presentation by the League of Kansas Municipalities at the Ramada Hotel at Broadview Place. Fanning was recognized for having 43 years service as city clerk of Fairview. She was presented a necklace by the City of Fairview and a corsage.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lightning strikes champion tree south of Morrill – This concolor fir was struck by lightning during the multiple thunderstorms that rolled through the area early Saturday morning, October 13. The tree, located approximately one-eighth mile south of the Morrill Elevator just off Dewberry Road, was the first champion tree discovered and measured by Doug Grimm after he received training from the Forest Service on identifying champion trees.

The STEP Foundation Board of Directors has announced the recipient for the second round of grants for 2007. The Sabetha Sixth Street Skate Park will receive $3,000 to assist with the construction of a new skate park.

Steve Buser and Roger Edelman were awarded with certificates honoring them as Bluejay volunteers during the halftime of the Jays’ game versus Rock Creek Friday, October 12.

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