Veterans speak out: Your rights, our rights

Dear Editor,

All of the undersigned have served our country in military service – some in harm’s way, some not; some voluntarily, some because of the draft – to preserve the freedoms and rights that the citizens of the United States of America enjoy, and that we continue to enjoy after several wars and conflicts involving our nation just in the past century.

One of those freedoms we protected, and that those serving today continue to protect, is the right to show your disrespect for our American Flag and our National Anthem – a symbol and a song that have joined us together in times of strife, such as after our nation became embroiled in the worldwide conflict we now know as World War I; after the Japanese attack on our territory, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, that embroiled us in the fight for our nation’s survival in World War II; and after the terrorist attacks on United States soil on Sept. 11, 2001.

In a show of unison as a nation and a show of strength to those who would wipe us off the face of the earth, citizens flew the American Flag to a much greater extent than for previous years, especially during and after the Vietnam Conflict. When the American Flag passed by in a parade, or the National Anthem was played at a sports venue, we proudly stood up straight to show our love of our country.

The United States isn’t perfect. We all know that. There is strife and discord over racial issues, religious issues, sexual preference issues, and other issues in this nation, but what does your protest accomplish?

Yes, we served our country to protect your right to show your disrespect for the Flag and the National Anthem, but that doesn’t mean that we approve of your disrespectful actions to protest whatever unfair issues you are protesting.

We certainly hope that this disrespectful trend does not flood down to the college and high school levels – but perhaps it’s already too late for that hope, as “gravity” follows the path of least resistance.

It takes courage to buck a trend that does nothing to heal what’s wrong with this country while refusing to recognize what is right with this country!

Yes, it’s your right to show your disrespect – but it’s our right to choose to not watch the teams that show that disrespect.

The Men and Women of Sabetha Memorial Post 7285 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

and Fairview-Morrill Post 322 of the American Legion

The Sabetha Herald1900 Posts

The Sabetha Herald has been serving Sabetha since 1876.

Morrill City Council 9.4.18

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