WAC: Music tastes at Wetmore High vary

Submitted by Seth Shumaker, WHS Student Correspondent

Music is an important part of many people’s lives, and at Wetmore High School, the love of certain types of music is very evident. The love of country music prevails throughout the high school student body.

With 45 percent of the vote in a recent poll of Wetmore High School students, country takes a marginal lead as the most popular form of music at Wetmore. From blasting it in their car radios to the songs the choir sings at concerts, there is no arguing that country music is very important to the people of Wetmore.

Junior Curtis Bloom, who enjoys country music, says, “I relate to it. It reminds me of home and where I was born and raised, and I really like that about country music.”

In second place, pop music comes in with 21 percent of the high school students favorability. Headbangers rejoice as rock and metal takes third place with 12 percent of the vote. Rap and R&B both respectively only had 6 percent.

“Jazz is dying” is a phrase that everyone has heard a time or two, and sadly, the statistics at Wetmore High don’t do jazz a favor. Scraping the bottom of the barrel at a whopping 0 percent of the vote is jazz. Also at 0 percent are electric dance music and dubstep. However, the other 9 percent goes to an “other” category.

Overall, one can see that although many types of music are available, most Wetmore students tend to flock together in their own musical tastes.

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