WHS has new SADD sponsor

Submitted by Faith Bratcher, WHS Student Correspondent

Wetmore High School has a new 2017-18 Students Against Destructive Decisions (otherwise known as SADD) sponsor — Staci Honas. This year, Wetmore has 19 high school students involved in SADD.

Honas was eager to take this position.

“I was advised late this summer that the SADD sponsor position was open. I am a firm believer in the policies and beliefs behind the SADD program, so there was no hesitation to step into the position,” she said.

Honas explains her goals for this year’s SADD group.

“Our SADD chapter, just like any group, is only as productive as its members want it to be. I think a main goal for us for this year is to improve the participation of our members,” Honas said.

The group and Honas have plans to help students to make good decisions.

“The SADD program has many different avenues in helping kids stay safe. We participate in the SAFE program, which encourages seat belt usage. We also provide opportunities and ideas to help students when it comes to peer pressure and making good choices for their lives,” she said.

The president of the group is Faith Bratcher. Jossie Shumaker serves as its vice president, and Ally Davis is the secretary/treasurer.

The group plans to be very active during the school year.

“We have quite a few activities planned this year. We are once again participating in the SAFE program. We will also help with middle school dances, a middle school lock-in, Red Ribbon Week, and many other things,” Honas said.

Another activity is the very popular Cardinal Kiddos, a group which took the place of the BIGS in School last year. The SADD members participating in this activity will play games with and mentor younger children. Honas feels that this activity will continue in popularity.

“We have 22 elementary students signed up in Cardinal Kiddos,” she said.

The students of the Wetmore SADD chapter hope to continue their legacy of influencing lives.


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