WHS: Senior year comes with struggles

Submitted by Jossie Shumaker, WHS News Correspondent

Whoever said that one’s senior year was the best year of a teenager’s life lied. Senior year comes with many stressful moments. The stress can come from academics, extracurricular activities and future plans.

Academics is perhaps the largest source of stress. Faith Bratcher, who hopes to graduate in December, especially feels this stress.

“Trying to keep my grades up above an A- and having a 3.5 or above GPA is a struggle,” Bratcher said.

Senior Myrna Crismas said, “The biggest struggle for me is trying to understand all the college stuff and maintain good high school grades as well.”

Another source of pressure is all of the extracurricular activities that come with being a senior.

“I mainly seem to struggle with juggling two sports, a college class and my regular classes all at once. Not to mention that I’m in pep band, the school musical, SADD, STUCO and on the KAYs board,” said senior Alena Pfrang.

Teachers and sponsors also see that the students at Wetmore are also struggling with all that they do.

“At a small school such as ours, students are involved in literally everything,” said English teacher Linda Boyd. “Our students are athletes, musicians and actors. They are also supposed to use their time in volunteer activities as well.”

Deciding what they want to pursue after high school and applying for scholarships is still another source of anxiety. McKayla Henry is attempting to figure out which major and career to pursue, while Jossie Shumaker is endeavoring to figure out how she can do volunteer hours in order to fulfill a requirement of the physical therapy program for which she wishes to qualify.

Academics, extracurricular activities and future choices are all major sources of tension for seniors, but for some students, basic functioning appears to be a problem. Ethan Osterhaus cites that “waking up every day” is a struggle for him.

No matter what the challenge, most seniors know that all too soon, they will graduate and wake up to new challenges.


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