Letter to the Editor: Speech contest focuses on trees

Dear Editor,

I recently wrote a speech for the Conservation District. Wow! Another speech to write. But wait – it was on trees! It was interesting. After I’d written the speech, I found that I had become more informed of the many gifts we find in trees. For example, did you know that some of the rains we get come from trees respiring water (evapotranspiration) in a relay system from the ocean? I have noticed that the past topics of the Conservation District speech contest have been on subjects relating to us, such as learning about the importance of soil, pollinators, and — this year — trees. These will be helpful things for one to know about in life. I would like to invite other high schoolers to participate as well. The contest is held every October, and there is even a prize for participating.

Nathan Knapp

Rural Bern

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