Spree winner says County Mart is best in 45-mile radius

Dear Editor,

Wow, what an experience. In the last week, many people have stopped me with tenacious curiosity to ask how my five-minute shopping spree at Country Mart was. For me, I experienced the same adrenaline rush as when I jumped off of a 30-foot cliff into a river. I also sincerely apologize to any bystander who was accidentally hit by flying canned goods or my cart during that five-minute flurry.

I guess the reason our family was selected is because our key points showed that I had spent quite a bit of money so… Here are a few reasons I am a big spender at our Country Mart.

• Every time I swipe my debit card while standing in Sabetha city limits, I am helping to make debt payments through sales tax on infrastructure that my family loves, like our pool and library. When I swipe my debit card while standing in Topeka, that does not happen.

• Their sales. I am a frugal person. Shopping the sale ad and freezing really stretches a family living budget.

• Bulk meat sales. Often I buy a whole cryovac of pork loins, and slice and package them for our family. I cannot raise and butcher a hog for $1.99 per pound boneless.

• Fresh Produce. We have the best grocery store in a 45 mile radius for fresh produce. Granted, there are times that I wish it was better. But, for a small town, it is really good. I often stop by rural grocery stores in our region to grab an apple and yogurt, and it can be hard to find an apple that is not wrinkly. We are so blessed.

• Country Mart does a tremendous amount behind the scenes for our community! After serving on several non-profit boards in our community, I am in awe of how much Garrett Country Mart gives back.

• Kindness of the folks that work there. As a mom with littles, it is awesome to have help to the car. Heck, an employee has even watched my baby in the cart while I helped our other child in the bathroom. Amazing. Years ago, a different employee saw that I was a new mom and took the extra effort to make sure I had a church family for support. Not something one would have available in the city!

In closing, I am so appreciative to the Garrett family and the Country Mart crew for giving me such a wonderful lifetime memory. As part of my gratitude, I would like to encourage my fellow Sabethans to share how much they also love our Country Mart through social media. Sometime before Thanksgiving when you are in the store, snap a picture or quick video of something you love about our Country Mart. On Facebook when you post the picture, “check in” at Country Mart so their hard working crew is sure to see your gratitude. #lovemycountrymart #thanksgiving

Lynn Hennigan


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