Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Night is held

Submitted by Deb Henry

The Nemaha County 4-H Achievement Night was held Friday, Nov. 3. Many area 4-H youth received awards for their record books and hard work. Our county has 235 members in nine clubs.

There were two members — Caleb Durland of Red Rustlers, and Anna Knapp of Stateliners — from the county who received their Key Award that night. The Key Award is a symbol for their diligence and success in 4-H work. Since 1952, this award has been presented to only the top 1 percent of total 4-H membership in Kansas. This award is sponsored by the Kansas Frontier Farm Credit Associations and Kansas 4-H Foundation.

Rookie of the Year Award is designed to recognize first-year 4-H youth, regardless of their age. This award recognizes project work completed by the youth during the past year as determined by their 4-H record book evaluation. This year, rookies were: Aubrey Schmelzle and Marlee Ukele, Busy Jayhawkers; Susannah Walker, Isabella Walker, Gwendolyn Walker and Ella Sourk, Woodlawn Meadowlarks; Charlotte Rottinghaus, HHHH; Isaac Heinen, Kelly Twilighters; and Sullivan Haverkamp, Pony Express.

Awarded for senior top record book from the county were Karrie VanWinkle, Centralia Aces; Kortney Plattner, Busy Jayhawkers; Corley Becker, HHHH; Marissa and Garrett Randel, Pony Express.

Junior top record books went to Karly Tangeman, Katie Tangeman and Jonah Deters, HHHH; Maddy Mosteller, Lane Mosteller and Luke Renyer, Stateliners; Addie Haverkamp and Dane Haverkamp, Pony Express; and Jacob Heinen, Kelly Twilighters.

This year, our Friend of 4-H award went to Karen and Bob VanWinkle of Centralia.

Clubs receiving the purple seal were Achievers, Busy Jayhawkers, Centralia Aces, HHHH, Kelly Twilighters, Pony Express, Red Rustlers, Stateliners and Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Top Club Reporter book went to Isabella Walker of Woodlawn Meadowlarks. Our top Club Secretary book went to Addie Haverkamp, Pony Express. Amanda Krehbiel, Stateliners, had the top Historian Book.

Ambassadors have been in the county for 11 years now. These 4-H youth keep very busy by promoting 4-H in the county and district. The 2017-2018 Ambassadors will be Cheyan Rokey, Kortney Plattner and Shayna Strahm, Busy Jayhawkers; Caleb Durland, Matthew Stallbaumer and Courtney Huerter, Red Rustlers; Cassidy Goering, Kelly Twilighters; Garrett Randel and Madeline Rogers, Pony Express; Corley Becker, HHHH; and adult advisor is Sue Rokey, Busy Jayhawkers. Our Ambassador Assistants will be Leah Renyer and Thomas Edelman, Stateliners; and Braden Bramhall, HHHH.

Camp counselors recognized for their outstanding leadership and dedicated enthusiasm were Eric Renyer, Stateliners; Marissa Randel, and Madeline Rogers, Pony Express; Mika Schmelzle, Woodlawn Meadowlarks; Matt Stallbaumer, Red Rustlers; Corley Becker, HHHH; and Cheyan Rokey, Busy Jayhawkers.

Project Pin Winners

Corley Becker: Beef, Foods and Nutrition, Visual Arts

Braden Bramhall: Energy Management, Space Tech

Ryker Dalinghaus: Plant Science

Kayla Devore: Photography

Carson Edelman: Rabbits

Jenny Edelman: Bucket Calf

Kendall Edelman: Foods and Nutrition

Kendrick Edelman: Self Determined, Shooting Sports

Laura Edelman: Rabbits

Molly Edelman: Rabbits

Addie Haverkamp: Beef, Foods and Nutrition, Horse, Photography, Visual Arts

Dane Haverkamp: Beef, Self-Determined, Visual Arts

Sullivan Haverkamp: Visual Arts

Jacob Heinen: Beef, Foods and Nutrition, Leadership

Kate Heinen: Foods and Nutrition

Sarah Hemman: Meat Goats

Timothy Hemman: Entomology

Chase Korber: Geology, Photography

Graham Korber: Reading

Anna Knapp: Citizenship

Jonathan Knapp: Plant Science

Helen Krehbiel: Performing Arts

Bob Langill: Dog Care and Training, Pets

Harry Langill: Dairy, Swine

John Langill: Dairy

Jack Macke: Bucket Calf

Cole Meyer: Bucket Calf

Lane Mosteller: Photography, Poultry, Swine, Visual Arts

Maddy Mosteller: Photography, Rabbits, Swine, Visual Arts

Kortney Plattner: Foods and Nutrition, Woodworking

Reid Plattner: Citizenship, Sheep, Woodworking

Garrett Randel: Plant Science, Poultry

Marissa Randel: Clothing and Textiles, Fiber Arts, Leadership, Reading

Eric Renyer: Self Determined

Leah Renyer: Wildlife

Luke Renyer: Clothing and Textiles

Madeline Rogers: Photography

Cheyan Rokey: Leadership, Swine

Davis Rokey: Clothing and Textiles, Energy Management, Swine, Woodworking

Aubrey Schmelzle: Foods and Nutrition

Mika Schmelzle: Clothing and Textiles

Ella Sourk: Plant Science, Visual Arts

Payton Strahm: Horse

Chloey Strathman: Clothing and Textiles

Owen Strathman: Swine

Eli Sudbeck: Space Tech

Henry Tangeman: Bucket Calf

Karly Tangeman: Bucket Calf, Dog Care and Training

Katie Tangeman: Bucket Calf, Foods and Nutrition

Morgan Toedman: Foods and Nutrition, Photography, Visual Arts

Kevin Uphaus: Bucket Calf, Woodworking

Ryan Uphaus: Fiber Arts, Photography, Space Tech

Karrie VanWinkle: Beef, Dog Care and Training, Foods and Nutrition, Leadership, Meat Goats, Photography, Sheep, Visual Arts,

Isabella Walker: Clothing and Textiles, Fiber Arts

Susannah Walker: Foods and Nutrition, Photography

Achievement Pin Winners

Membership: Maggie Strathman, Trenton Heiman and Madelynn Heiman, Achievers; Holden Edelman, Malachi Strahm and Mallorie Schultejans, Busy Jayhawkers; Marissa Broxterman, Blake Broxterman, Cora Thompson, Calie Deters and Morgan Allen, Centralia Aces; Cormik Hajek, Sydney Frehe, Colby Frehe, Charlotte Rottinghaus, Jack Macke, Brooklyn Uphaus, Harper Strathman, Caleb Strathman, Ryker Dalinghaus and Noah Hilbert, HHHH; Maggie Jones, Austin Jones, Marin Heinen and Jayson Kramer, Kelly Twilighters; Zane Claycamp, Sullivan Haverkamp, Ali Jo Henry, Emma Henry and Harry Langill, Pony Express; Collin Jost and Nathan Knapp, Stateliners; Kya Franklin, Caylie McKee and Blaine Burdiek, Red Rustlers.

Bronze: Laura Deters and Natalee Strathman, Achievers; Marlee Ukele, Aubrey Schmelzle, Samantha Schultejans and Alivia Lang, Busy Jayhawkers; Zoey Haug and Nick Thompson, Centralia Aces; Elijah Sudbeck, Henry Tangeman, Vincent Deters and Leo Holthaus, HHHH; Isaac Heinen, Alison Lueger, Jolie Jones and Mason Schultejans, Kelly Twilighters; Carson Edelman, Bob Langill and Chase Korber, Pony Express; Kieryn Franklin, Sydney Boeckman and Aidan Talley, Red Rustlers; Lane Mosteller, Stateliners; Ella Sourk, Jackson Jacobs, Gwendolyn Walker, Brendon Bestwick and Colby Stoller, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Clover: Jyllian Stapleton, Busy Jayhawkers; Emily Weyer, Centralia Aces; Carter Hajek, Cooper Hajek, Kevin Uphaus, Ryan Uphaus and Charlie Rottinghaus, HHHH; Ashley Heideman, Graham Korber, John Langill, Adelaide Haverkamp, Maryssa Stallbaumer, Alex Rowland and Cole Durland, Red Rustlers; Jenny Edelman, Luke Renyer and Maddy Mosteller, Stateliners; Andrew Bestwick and Charlie Bestwick, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Emerald: Chloey Strathman and Owen Strathman, Achievers; Laura Edelman and Morgan Toedman, Busy Jayhawkers; Katie Tangeman and Keaton Rottinghaus, HHHH; Nyah Heinen, Kelly Twilighters; Cayden Edelman, Clarissa Hemman and Dane Haverkamp, Pony Express; Mason Stallbaumer and Isabella Walker, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Silver: Kendrick Edelman and Davis Rokey, Busy Jayhawkers; Jackson Holthaus and Jonah Deters, HHHH; Erin Hueske, Lillian Schultejans and Kate Heinen, Kelly Twilighters; Hillary Stallbaumer, Pony Express; Monica Stallbaumer, Red Rustlers; Susannah Walker, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Silver Guard: Molly Edelman, Kendall Edelman and Reid Plattner, Busy Jayhawkers; Braden Bramhall, Julie Rottinghaus, Karly Tangeman and Mo Hilbert, HHHH; Dylan Schultejans and Ryan Lueger, Kelly Twilighters; Blake Korber, Brandon Rogers and Timothy Hemman, Pony Express; Amanda Krehbiel and Jonathan Knapp, Stateliners.

Leadership: Malissa Deters, Achievers; Abe Hilbert, HHHH; Jacob Heinen, Kelly Twilighters; Sarah Hemman, Pony Express; Thomas Edelman, Stateliners; Kayla Devore, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

Gold: Kortney Plattner, Busy Jayhawkers; Corley Becker, HHHH; Madeline Rogers, Pony Express; Matthew Stallbaumer and Leah Renyer, Stateliners.

Gold Guard: Cheyan Rokey, Busy Jayhawkers; Garrett Randel, Pony Express; Caleb Huerter, Red Rustlers; Mika Schmelzle, Woodlawn Meadowlarks.

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