Laughing out loud

Dear Editor,

Thanks to our son and daughter-in-law who live in Sabetha, we get The Sabetha Herald in our mailbox each week. It is fun to be on the lookout for our grandchildren’s names or pictures in the paper, read articles and editorials written by our daughter-in-law, Krista, and keep up on the news in their hometown.

Since they have lived in Sabetha, and Krista has worked at The Herald, we have made numerous trips to Sabetha, and have had the opportunity to meet Tim Kellenberger.

I must admit I generally only scan his hunting articles, rather than reading through them carefully. However, as I was reading through last week’s paper, I thoroughly enjoyed his wife’s article, “I do not live at Cabelas!”

I handed it off to my husband, who laughed even more than I did. The purchase of a tent for the living room may be a good investment IF she can get Tim to stage his trips inside the tent! I think Paula should to have her own column in The Herald, providing us the backstory of Tim’s adventures!

Karen Wasinger



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