Westar to change out meters

Westar Energy is starting a meter changeout in the Atchison/Hiawatha areas.

“They will be changing all meters out during the next three to four months,” said Brown County Sheriff John Merchant. “Westar has completed almost 600,000 meter changeouts over the last three years and are wrapping up their last 100,000 plus meters. They have had very little problems through this project, but always like to make sure the local law enforcement agencies are aware of what they are doing.”

Most meter changeouts will be completed by Westar personnel in Westar trucks and clothing. There are also four contractors who work for Oasis staffing or Aerotek staffing, but their time in the area will be limited. The contractors have yellow vests that state they are Westar contractors and large vehicle magnets with the same. All employees and contractors have Westar identification as well.


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