Herald Editorial: Community of Love

It really should have come as no surprise to us, the way in which communities in the area and even well outside the area stepped out in support of our local families in a time of incredible distress.

From inside our own community to outside and far from here — in ways both known and unknown to us — prayers have been said, gifts have been made, love has been shared. Every ounce of this love has been and will continue to be needed and appreciated, in its own way.

Starting on this week’s front page, we put together a certainly-incomplete list of the schools and communities that honored our grieving families last week and this week. We imagine this barely grazes the entirety of love that has been shared with the families, but we wanted our readers to know — if they didn’t already — how big our “community” really is.

This is not the first time we have seen an incredible outpouring of love and support for those in need, and we know it will not be the last. Nevertheless, it has warmed our hearts to see the way God can use each and every one of us — whether we know it or not.

The Sabetha Herald Staff

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December 12, 2018

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