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125 Years Ago

Friday, December 2, 1892

Carlyle & Ellis of St. Louis, who have been in our town for the past month rebuilding sewing machines inform us that they have more work than they can finish in that time. All who need new machines or repairs for old ones should call on them as you will never have such a chance again.

The ninth annual meeting of the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association will be held in Enterprise Dec. 6, 7 and 8. Important business will come before this convention and every auxiliary should be represented therein. Friends of the suffrage movement are urged to be in attendance.

Closing out of jewelry, and a great quantity of Roger’s nickel silverware including knives, forks, table, desert and teaspoons, sugar shells and butter knives. Don’t fail to see these goods at Haines’.

It is now thought by many that the comet was after all only the reflection of some of the brilliant expectations of some of the Sabetha democrats in regard to the post-office.

100 years ago

Thursday, December 6, 1917

Dr. Fred Wrightman just reached Sabetha when he received a telegram from Washington to report at the Rockefeller Institute, New York. He will do research work preparatory to going to France.

The cat because of its destructions of game birds and small game is beginning to figure in the statues. Massachusetts in 1917 passed a law prohibiting possession of cars on Meskegat Island or the bringing of any cats to the island and Michigan declared cats following on the track of game birds or small game public nuisances and decreed that the owner who permits them to run at large after notice from the game commissioner shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

Again something new in conservation: – Dried pressed potato, used in combination with feeds rich in protein, is “very efficient in producing rapid gains and a high finish when fed to swine.” United States Department of Agriculture investigators have found in a search for a suitable way to dispose of cull or surplus potatoes.

We have just received the cleverest line of Manhattan silk shirts for his Christmas. Let us show you these new things early. Hughes Clothing Co. – Adv.

75 years ago

Wednesday, December 2, 1942

Paul Wittwer, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Wittwer of Bern has been stationed in Ireland for more than a year. The Wittwers recently received a letter from Paul for first in a long time saying that he liked the climate in North Africa better than in Ireland where it rained all the time. The letter had been passed by the military censor.

The third six weeks period began Monday and grade cards were issued today, Wednesday. Twenty eighth graders and 25 seventh graders bought Defense stamps last week. The stamp drive will continue in the schools until December 16. The children are enthusiastically pushing the sales which have been somewhat slowed up by the shortage of stamps.

Exhibiting moments of strength that did not last long enough to bring success, the Sabetha high school football team lost to Seneca high school at Seneca Thanksgiving afternoon by a score of 14 to 0. This is the first time Sabetha has lost to the ancient Seneca rivals in seven years. Seneca’s aerial attack proved fatal to the Blue Jays, although their opponents also exhibited strength on the ground. The blue and white never did develop a serious threat against Seneca, although a 19 yard gain on a double reverse following the opening of the second half fave them the ball in mid-field. The attempt was frustrated when Sabetha was forced to punt.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, December 7, 1967

They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong. Yesterday, the voters of Sabetha Unified District 441 went to the polls in even larger numbers than they had six weeks ago and the result was a razorthin victory for education. The final unofficial tabulation showed 1,008 votes in favor of the proposed $1,399,000 school bonds and 974 votes opposed. This gave a margin of 34 yes votes. In the first election, there was a difference of 57 votes opposing the proposal. A major difference in the vote came from the southern area of the district. In the first vote the polling places at Wetmore and Goff voted 535 to 64 against. This time around, the no vote totaled 526 but the yes votes were 122. These additional 58 favoring votes provided the final margin in the vote. Sabetha voters gave an even more resounding stamp of approval to the project than they had the first time. The proposal carried in all three wards by bigger margins with the totals in the city 660 to 210 this time as opposed to 598 to 194 last time. Both the rural area surrounding Sabetha and the voters of Morrill took a slightly dimmer view of the bond issue than they had the first time around. In the rural area, the vote was 103 to 72 in favor while six weeks ago it was 105 to 56. In Morrill the vote was 123 to 166 against while before it was 118 to 148 against. In Wetmore the vote was 332 against to 95 in favor while the first time it was 328 against to 47 yes. In Goff the vote was 194 to 27 this election while before it was 207 to 17.

John Ashton, resident of Maple View Rest Home in Sabetha, is observing his 100th birthday today, Dec. 7. Last Sunday a group of relatives visited John and they had an early celebration for the special event. Here to see him were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ashton and Randy Ashton, all of Powhattan, Dennis Ashton, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Ashton, Debbie Ashton, all of Fairview, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bryant and Floyd Ashton of Wetmore.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 2, 1992

Sabetha city commissioners continued to discuss, at their Nov. 30 meeting, options for use of the old middle school building. City administrator Ted Hayden said he toured the building Nov. 27 with Sabetha Community Hospital administrator Rita Buurman. The hospital is conducting feasibility studies concerning use of the building located on the east end of Main Street. One of the possibilities is some type of child care, Hayden said. The hospital is studying programs for a day care center for ages 3 and under, preschool for ages 5 and under and after school care for ages 10 and under, he said. Depending on the outcome of the feasibility study, the hospital may conduct some, all or none of those programs. The hospital is also considering implementing an adult wellness program that would include a fitness center, Hayden said, noting some of the hospital’s ideas and the city’s recreation programs may coincide.

Last week’s snowstorm forced some area farmers to leave part of their bumper milo and corn crops in the field to wait for another few days of dry and warmer weather. Some farmers were able to get into the fields Nov. 30 to cut milo. The snow added to the record of more than usual moisture this fall, pushing back harvest to at least a month behind the normal schedule for this area as well as for much of the state.

Basketball games at Sabetha Middle School had to be moved Nov. 23 when a section of wire leading to the air conditioner in the school overheated and had to be replaced. School principal Terry Duntz said a section of wire contained in conduit was getting hot, and at the time the emergency occurred a girls basketball game was being played in the gymnasium.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The City of Sabetha planned to “smoke” city sewer lines this week to test for leaks in the sanitary sewer system. Infiltration and inflow into the system during the heavy rains received this year have caused concerns that leaks int he sewer system are allowing large volumes of rain water to enter the city’s wastewater system.

Following the death of Sabetha Mayor Dave Emert, the Sabetha City Commission elected Doug Clark to fill the remaining 1-1/2 year mayor term. Clark has served as Commissioner of Utilities for approximately 10-1/2 years. Rick Koch will fill Clark’s position on the City Commission.

Allyn Plattner, a 2005 graduate of Sabetha High School, and Jason Pyle, a 2007 graduate of SHS, are members of the nationally ranked Luther College wrestling team. Plattner is wrestling at 285, and Pyle is wrestling at 149. Luther is ranked fifth in the NCAA III.

Four Sabetha High School Bluejays have been named to the All-State football roster. Chris Rebant was a first team linebacker on defense. On the honorable mention squad were Blake Boldra as a defensive lineman, Jordan Meyer as a defensive end, and Mitch Allen as a defensive back. Bryson Haverkamp of Bern was named to the All-State Eight-Man football team.

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