4-H Club News: Woodlawn Meadowlarks

Jackson Jacobs presents a talk on his Australian Shepherd.

Submitted by Ella Sourk Club Reporter

The past two months have been busy for the Woodlawn Meadowlarks 4-H Club. The enrollment for the club’s 4-H members was due Nov. 1. Then the Nemaha 4-H Clubs came together on Nov. 3 for Achievement Night. Various members were recognized for their achievements during the past year, and the Club received the Purple Seal.

During the November meeting, Jackson Jacobs lead the club in the song “Star Spangled Banner.” Jacobs gave a talk on his Australian Shepherd, and Kayla Devore gave a talk on Presentation Panic.

The club voted for making Piñatas as a club activity. The membership selected three different Piñata to construct: ice skates, snowman and Santa’s reindeer sled. It was decided the that two Piñatas would be shared with the Oneida Youth Group and the Sabetha NCTC; the other would be for the Club’s Christmas Party. The club got together numerous times during the months of November and December to complete the Piñatas.

The club met for their Christmas party on Dec. 9, with the Stateliners 4-H Club joining them at the club’s invite. Roll call “Your Favorite Christmas Tradition” was answered with perfect attendance by the club. Colby Stoller led the two clubs in the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge. Gwendolyn Walker lead the clubs in “Jingle Bells.”

The members voted to accept the 2017-18 Club Goals, which are due to the Nemaha County office by Jan. 2, 2018. Susannah Walker gave a talk on How to Raise a Beta Fish. After the meeting’s adjournment, the two clubs enjoyed snacks and took turns striking the Santa’s Reindeer Piñata, releasing the candy from within.

Kayla Devore gives a talk titled “Presentation Panic.”
This 4-H member hits the pinata.
Susannah Walker gives a talk on her beta fish.

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