Beware of scams

Unfortunately, with the holiday season we see a definite increase in people who are trying to scam others. In order to make this season more enjoyable and productive, I would like to pass on a few tips to make the public a little more prepared and keep from becoming a victim.

The main focus is to never give our information over the phone or computer.

Scammers are very convincing. There are so many different scams these days that it is virtually impossible to keep track of them all. They range from individuals claiming to be relatives of county residents who are in desperate need of money, to residents being notified that they have won huge amounts of money overseas and all that is needed is bank account information so the funds can be transferred.

I am asking folks to remember this key point–if something sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam! No one is going to randomly give away cash or vehicles. These scammers make their living by convincing a very small percentage of people to send them money or provide personal information, and the longer they can keep you on the phone the easier it is for them to gather your personal information.

Remember, never give out personal information over the phone or internet. If you are unsure about an issue that may be a scam, contact law enforcement at once.

Scammers who call repeatedly can sometimes be deterred by simply telling them to contact law enforcement. If a scammer knows law enforcement is involved, they usually move on to an easier target.


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