Letter: Out-of-towner praises local medical care

Dear Editor,

I want to write to the Sabetha community simply to either inform or remind its citizens of what a tremendous asset it has in its local hospital. Being from a rather urban area (Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois), I highly suspect most Sabetha citizens aren’t aware of the compassion and care your local doctors and nurses display to the patients at the hospital. My mother was recently hospitalized there [in Sabetha], and the care shown to my mother was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The compassion that accompanied that care was beyond belief. You should rest in comfort knowing you have such a tremendous asset in your community. If I didn’t live 400 miles away, I’d be doing business here. Thank you for publishing this as a reminder of how grateful your community should be to the caregivers at this outstanding institution.

David Aeschliman

Sherrard, Ill.

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  • Sue Ann Jackman Reply

    December 12, 2017 at 8:20 am

    What a nice letter, my thoughts exactly, I’ve been there and I know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful facility and staff. Sue Ann Jackman

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