Pyle pre-files legislation regarding court ordered school closures

Submitted by Dennis Pyle State Senator

District One State Senator Dennis Pyle (R-Hiawatha) has pre-filed legislation to prevent court ordered school closure. The one-of-a-kind proposal, if adopted, would amend the Kansas Constitution, giving exclusive authority over schools to local school boards.

“In the past, there have been many constitutional proposals stating the courts cannot close schools, and the statutes clearly state this; however, this unique approach provides local control of these issues and gives exclusive authority to elected school boards, not bureaucrats or judges in Topeka who continue to wastefully spend and grow government,” Pyle said.

Pyle’s proposal would need a two-thirds majority of the legislature and a majority vote of Kansas voters to become law.

“Our system of government has many checks and balances, this is just adding to that,” Pyle said. “Giving locally elected school boards this authority over their schools will  prevent court ordered unilateral school closure by the Topeka establishment. Local school boards need this tool to keep their doors open and to fight further consolidation.”

“Make no mistake, this is a battle for the survival of our rural schools,” Pyle said. “There is a massive Topeka administration and bureaucracy that is growing out of control. If we don’t take this step to fight it, soon there won’t be anything left to fight for.”

“This sensible proposal is a unique approach and is necessary to prevent the centralized bureaucracy of Topeka from using extreme measures and bullying tactics to push their political agendas of more power and control by disrupting the education of children,” he said.

Due to the April 30 deadline imposed by the courts, the proposal calls for a special election April 17, 2018, or the next practicable Tuesday following April 17, 2018.

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