Letter to the Editor: ‘Tis the season

Dear Editor,

It is the season to look forward to those X-mas goodies; from your government. Those wonderful tax breaks and those plentiful benefits that you are so deserving of; because you have been really good. Those politicians dangle those goodies in front of your nose and you just can’t help to jump at them; because you are so deserving after all. There is no Government Santa Claus! I hate to be the one to break it to you. The government is you and your neighbor. The government only pretends to be Santa Claus because they need your vote and they need you to be addicted to what they have to offer you. People are so thrilled when the government gives them what was theirs already. The anguish is almost unbearable when the people do not get the goodies they expected. Charity and caring is not a government function. Those aspects of life are left to our churches, and private entities that are in tune to the public need at the ground level. Governments waste more money than they use for practical requirements. If you have your hand out this year; let it be to help your neighbors and not to receive some small pittance from a politician that doesn’t even know who you are and couldn’t care less. Some people hear about tax cuts and automatically assume that some benefit goody is going away. Maybe you will have another dollar to help a neighbor or friend in need. You can feel the gratitude of receiving thanks and doing God’s work here on earth.

Ralph Baumgartner


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