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125 Years Ago

Friday, December 16, 1892

Pleasant Hill Lutheran church will observe Christmas and New Year’s eve. On Christmas eve they will give an order of exercise “Doing Good” after which old Santa Claus will come down the chimney with presents for the children. On New Year’s eve they will have a popcorn and pea-nut social; all are cordially invited.

A heavier snow than the “oldest inhabitant” can ever remember having seen fall at this time of year in Kansas has fallen in the past few days. Sleights have been in requisition and the country looks much more like January that the first half of December.

The first man sent here to work in the place of the striking operators was induced to leave. Another man was sent and is still holding his ground. Three deputy sheriffs are here also looking after the interests of the company.

Alonzo Hatch with his specialty musicians and stereopticon  will give an entertainment at G. A. R. hall Monday evening under the auspices of the Cornet Band. Reserved seats 75 cents.

100 years ago

Thursday, December 20, 1917

The war, like politics, is making strange bedfellows. The Herald has occasionally printed excerpts from letters of Miss Stahl, a Red Cross nurse who spent her childhood in the DuBois neighborhood. A few weeks ago we printed a letter from Miss Ida Habeger, a niece of Mrs. Mary Habeger of Sabetha, who has just arrived in France as a trained nurse. The last letter from Miss Stahl said: “One of the girls that has just come over was talking about Iowa and told me she taught school in Portland township and boarded at Everett Mann’s 1909 – Miss Habager (of West Bend) is her name.”

An honor that is shared by few physicians in the United States has been conferred upon Dr. Orville Brown, who has been named a member of the Royal College of Medicine of Great Britain.

We announced last week that little Thelma Peck was one of the youngest Red Cross workers. The following shows how loyal the little three year old is in her purpose. Her mother went into the room the other day and found the little lady had been snipping and snipping until at last she dropped to sleep with her scissors still in her chubby hand and her box of work beside her.

75 years ago

Wednesday, December 23, 1942

Mrs. Chris Brunner received word of her son, Staff Sergeant Brunner, Tuesday after having no word since October 9. Sgt. Brunner is in North Africa. The letter was brief, and Sgt. Brunner told his mother he could not write the things he would like to. He said he has seen a lot of country but he still is strong for good old Kansas. Mrs. Brunner has known her son must have crossed the Atlantic, and of course was desperately concerned when she did not hear for so long, due of course to the secrecy that surrounded the African occupation.

Miss Mildred Jones has announced that Sabetha grade and junior high school students have sold a total of $6781 in war stamps and bonds during a contest held in the past few weeks. Of this amount $1043.50 in stamps was sold and $5737.50 went into bonds. The junior high school girls sold the greatest amount in stamps of any group with $355.15 and the sixth grade was high in bond sales with $3,075.

The Sabetha Kiwanis Club has been in something of a turmoil during the weeks since the Hotel Cobun was destroyed by fire. Loss fo the hotel lost the club its regular meeting and dining place. The organization has been meeting at the regular Methodist church dinners each Thursday evening, and the arrangement has been a happy one for the time being.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, December 19, 1967

These four ladies were the finalists in the recent Sabetha Women’s Match Play Bowling Tournament. A total of 32 women bowlers participated for the cash prizes. Left to right in order of finish are: Mrs. Dale Kyle, fourth; Mrs. Leo Kellenberger, third; Mrs. Ben Fleming, second and Mrs. Larry Grosfield, first.

At a special meeting of the Board of Education of Brown County USD 430, held on December 11, it was voted to drop from the Big Seven League and joined the K-36 League effective at the beginning of the 1968-1969 school year, reports Darrell Boyer, superintendent. The coaches and the administration recommended to the Board the change in leagues. After the meeting with the coaches, the board of education felt the athletic teams of USD 430 could compete more successfully in a league which has a student enrollment more comparable to its own size.

Supt. Jack Skillett announced that Bern High School won the right to retain the scholarship trophy for the second consecutive six weeks by placing a higher percentage of their students on the honor roll than the other high schools in the district. Results of the second six weeks competition was as follows: Bern, 32.35 percent, Axtell, 27.27 percent, Summerfield, 21.10 percent.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 16, 1992

Pony Creek Lake only lacks two weeks of “August” type weather or three good weeks in the construction season from being complete, Sabetha city commissioners were told at their Dec. 14 meeting. Sabetha City Administrator Ted Hayden said the project is nearly complete with only some final grading and the adding of top soil.

Curt and Teresa Deckinger of Sabetha announce the birth of a son, Chase R.L. Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1992, at Sabetha Community Hospital. He weighed 8 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. He has a brother Caleb. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Deckinger of Falls City, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Lee White of Sabetha. Great-grandfather is Orval White of Sabetha.

Dear, Santa For Christmas, I want a Farm Contry garoge set and a small combine with two headers a tractor with dules and a small feild collovater with folding wings. I want all of them JOHN DEER please. Sincerely, Adam Renyer

Dear Santa, How have you been? I’m fine. Are you looking forward to all those cookies and milk? Is Mrs. Claus OK? For Christmas I would like . . . Beaty and the Beast tape, watch and yo-yo ball. Love, Taylor Simpson

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ice encases, devastates large area of Kansas: the meteorologists predicted it and some people believed it. The Monday email from Major General Tod Bunting, director of Kansas Division of Emergency Management and the adjutant general of Kansas, warned, “Weather forecasters are predicting a powerful ice storm will hit Kansas late this afternoon (Monday, Dec.10) and will continue through Wednesday, Dec. 12. And the storm came as predicted. Early Monday evening, the rain started. The freezing temperatures turned it to ice, which formed as heavy coats on trees and power lines. Late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, Sabetha and other locations lost power. Lightning and thunder mixed with the sound of tree branches falling with a very startling “cra-ack” as they became overburdened with the weight of half an inch or more of ice. By mid-day Tuesday, most trees in Sabetha and surrounding areas looked like they had puddles of limbs at their bases. President Bush declared a state of emergency in Kansas on Dec. 11, and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts. Power poles and/or power lines down across roadways closed many roads and highways in Kansas, and many towns and cities opened shelters to provide warmth and respite to those who had no power at their places of residence. Electric cooperative line crews have been working around the clock to restore service. The cooperatives have brought in more than 1,000 lineman from private contractors and electric cooperatives from nine other states to assist.

Letters to Santa look-back:

Dear Santa, I want a crochrocket and a racecar and a cool car so I can go very very fast. Also, I want a bike to ride when I am bored to go jumps with. I also want brand new shoes. From, Keegan Cox.

Dear Santa, I would like a blujay long sleeve shirt so I can cheer for the Bluejays. I would also like a game boy DS and some games to go with it. how are the elves? Hope they are making good toys. Santa, I would like a bow and arrow. Hope you bring me good presents. Love, Karlie Spielman

Dear Santa, I want these thenings. A gameboy, football, bike, tools and tool pouch, choklit, and Santa I want you to proov yourself. Love, Wyatt Beyer

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