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125 Years Ago

Friday, December 23, 1892

Fifty-thousand of the world’s fair souvenir half dollars have arrived in Chicago, less one coin, the first struck off, for which the Remington Typewriter Co. paid the enormous premium of $10,000.

It seems to be a particularly dangerous matter to travel now. Scarcely a day but the daily papers are full of wrecks, rear end colision, and railway disasters.

Web Wilder’s young son, Webster Wilder, Jr., is editor of the Academy Review, a paper started last week by the students of the Hiawatha academy, and a neat little paper it is too.

If that story about Geo Jordan of Seneca is true, some one will ask: “Who was it said ‘do not give up the ship?’” We imagine the old Harry will be to pay. How did the Sabetha Herald get hold of the story. Atchison Champion. — Nevermind how we “got hold of the story.” It’s true just the same. And we think it is something of a “scoop” too.

100 years ago

Thursday, December 27, 1917

A certain man living out of town bought himself a shirt for Christmas and list it on his way home. A certain relation found it and on the family tree he was presented with the shirt.

The local draft board has taken possession of the Commissioners’ room at the Court House. County Engineer L. P. Price has the room formerly occupied by the County Agent which office is at present vacant. Five percent of the questionnaires are being mailed out each day with the assistance of Miss Gladys Higgins, official stenographer. The questionnaires for which some have asked as the Court House are not given out there but are being mailed.

A. G. McCoy, Harry Foster and John McCoy were all out Monday soliciting for the Red Cross. We hope by Christmas a Red Cross will be in every window all over the country.

The Ladies of the Baptist church and Sunday school sent roasted chicken to the mission in Kansas City, Kans., Saturday for Christmas dinner for the poor.

75 years ago

Wednesday, December 30, 1942

A snow storm accompanied by high north winds Sunday reached near blizzard proportions and blocked traffic in this vicinity. The wind abated by evening, but not until many roads had been badly drifted. Highways in this area were kept open by vigilant work of state employees, but many rural roads are still closed. Buses Monday were many hours behind schedule, Sabetha streets all were opened today, the main thorough fares were scraped Monday. Mail carriers all went out Monday morning but none was able to serve more than a fraction of his route. One carrier drove 50 miles to serve parts of his 27 mile route.

One of the undesirable jobs in the creamery is the grading of cream, but even that has changed. During the month of December we have had better cream than we have had during any previous month for which we have records. During December a can or two from each route was set aside for the second grade churning, but not even those cans were such that we could call them seconds or put tags on the cans. If similar good fortune could be out lot in the future, lots of headaches could be avoided.

Many minerals contain up to 75% filler. That’s why commissions are paid for selling them. Rixt’s Hog Mineral contains No Filler. It’s made on our farm and sold from our farm. – Adv.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, December 28, 1967

Fred Darville has sold his drug store after nearly 50 years as a Sabetha pharmacist. He came to Sabetha in 1920 and has been in the same building since then. Mr. Darville will retire.

The Sabetha Chamber of Commerce closed their holiday promotion Saturday with the awarding of $400 at the final drawing and the announcing of the four winners in the home decoration contest. Ray Long of Sabetha was the winner of the grand prize of $100 Saturday as the biggest crowd of the season was present for the awards. The home decoration contest ended with a fine 18 residences entered in the competition. A special committee of five members judged the entries last week and announced the following results. First prize of $30 was awarded to the Dick Bestwick home on south 13th Street. Second prize of $20 went to the Glen Stoller home a mile northwest of town. Third prize of $15 was given to Jerry VanVickle of 521 Ohio Street. Fourth prize of $10 went to Winton Dam of Oregon street. Besides the grand prize of $100 won by Mr. Long there were also 15 persons who won $20 each at the drawing Saturday. Winners included: Marie Ackerman, Delpha Mathewson, Roy Moore, Elizabeth Worwag, Johnny R. Hartter, Jane Ogden, Mrs. Dan Anderson, Claire Lanning, Mrs. Ray Hulsing, Lester Meyer, Mrs. Clarence Feek, Lillian Loveall, Mrs. Robert R. Hoffman, Mrs. Byron Robinson and Mrs. Jerry Cox.

A postal increase has been passed by Congress and signed by the President. As of yet, word has not come “through channels” to the Sabetha Post Office, so what information it has, is what “you read in the papers,” although it seems to be pretty straight. First class minimum will raise a penny to 6 cents; air mail minimum by 2 cents, up to 19 cents. The word is not definite on post cards but it is believed they will be 5 cents. There will be an increase on second and third class mail on a gradual basis.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 23 and 30, 1992

Kurt and Jayne Snyder of Morrill announce the birth of a son, Jesse Kurtis, on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1992, at St. Marys Hospital in Manhattan. He weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. He has two brothers, Jarod and Logan. Grandparents are Eleanor Stover of rural Hamlin and Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Snyder of Sabetha. Maternal great-grandparents are Ruth Picton of rural Hamlin and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stover of Morrill. Paternal great-grandparents are Elizabeth Robinson of the Apostolic Christian Home in Sabetha and Mildred Snyder of Morrill.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Sawyer were Saturday overnight and Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Lynn Cook, and Mr. Cook in Topeka. Other guests in the Cook home were their daughters, Stacy and Jennifer Cook of Topeka and friend Laura of Sabetha.

Rural Fire District No. 5 responded to the Aug. 24 request from Sabetha City Commissioners for modifications to the 1994 contract between the two parties at Monday’s commission meeting. During their regularly scheduled Dec. 28 meeting, fire district chairman Gale Miller offered the commission $6,000 on behalf of the board. The counter offer was rejected. Commissioners stated Aug. 24 that a contribution of $10,000 would be needed to continue fire protection to the fire district during the 1994 budget year. Sabetha City Administrator Ted Hayden said the figure is about one-third of the city’s current fire department budget. Also, he said, the figure is the amount he estimates the fire department’s budget could be decreased by if the contract with the district was not renewed. Mayor David Emert said the request sent to the fire district was “fat free” with no room for the commission or the district to negotiate.

10 Years Ago

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On Friday, December 21, Community National Bank installed a “Coming Soon” sign on the building site of the home, located at the intersection of Old Highway 75 and Main Street in Sabetha.

Little Steps Dance and Gymnastics Studio’s Competition team from Seneca traveled to Omaha on Dec. 9 for the COA Cheer and Dance Regional Competition. Local Sabetha girl Lindsay McNary and her partner Austin Cadwell received first in duet competition with their duet Because of You.

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