Snow angels to the rescue!

Julie Burenheide smiles next to Chinh Doan’s mother on Thursday, December 28. Burenheide waited with Doan and her mother for nearly three hours while they waited for a tow truck to get them back to Omaha, Nebraska.

A Sabetha “snow angel” watched over a stranded Omaha television reporter and her mother whose car broke down south of Sabetha on Thursday, Dec. 28.

For nearly three hours in frigid conditions, Sabetha City Commissioner Julie Burenheide stayed with KETV reporter and anchor Chinh Doan of Omaha, Neb., and Doan’s mother while they waited for a tow truck to arrive.

Burenheide said that Doan had just passed her on U.S. Highway 75 when you could see smoke, fire and parts coming out of the car. They pulled over, and Burenheide got out to see if they were okay.

Because it was so cold, AAA told Doan and her mother it could be anywhere from two to six hours before a tow truck would arrive.

“I asked if I could take them for coffee, but they were told they had to stay with the car,” Burenheide said. “I stayed there, because it’s one of those things you just do. I didn’t know who else might pull over, and I would want someone to be there to help me out.”

Doan dubbed Burenheide as her “guardian angel,” saying she and her husband “refuse to leave until our tow truck gets here.”

Chinh Doan, center, sits with her mother, left, and Morrill Collision Repair tow truck driver Jerome Teeter on Thursday, December 28. Teeter transported Doan and her mother and their vehicle back to Omaha, Nebraska, after their car broke down.

On her Twitter feed, Doan wrote: “In my rearview mirror is an angel named Julie. This sweet woman has been with us since 3:30 p.m., when mom and I pulled over after there was smoke coming from the back of my Camry and the car died.”

“Being the curious reporter I am, I found out our guardian angel, Julie, is a commissioner of Sabetha, KS. An elected official went above and beyond to make sure Mom and I were safe. We now have friends we hope to visit again under better conditions.”

Doan and her mother made it safely home, thanks to the tow truck driver Jerome Teeter from Morrill Collision Repair.

Doan wrote: “My guardian angel, Julie, told the tow truck driver, ‘You better take good care of her or else she’ll report about you. She’s a news anchor.’”

“Tow truck driver, Jerome, was such a gentleman. He helped Mom in/out of car and even loaded our belongings on his truck bed to get items closer to our house after parking my car in the street (couldn’t get it in garage via tow).”

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