Brown County Courthouse implements new security measures

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, firearms and other weapons will be prohibited from being brought into the Brown County Courthouse by members of the public.

To prohibit firearms and other weapons in the Courthouse, Kansas State statute requires the county to adopt “adequate security” measures that will require all non-exempt individuals to successfully pass through a walk-through metal detector prior to being allowed in the courthouse.

This metal detector will be placed at the north entrance of the Courthouse and will be the only point of entry for non-exempt individuals to the courthouse. All other doors will remain locked from the outside and will only be utilized for entry and departure.

Exempt Individuals

The following persons are exempt from the screening procedures set forth above (with appropriate official identification):

a. Judges of the 22nd Judicial District and their employees;

b. Employees of Brown County, Kansas ;

c. Deputies and Jailers of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and inmates in their custody;

d. Uniformed State, Federal and/or Tribal Law Enforcement Officers;

e. Employees of the State of Kansas whose primary office is located in the Brown County Courthouse.

No person having authorized access to secured areas after having passed through the screening devices shall permit any person access to this Facility without going through the screening procedures absent proper written authorization from the County Sheriff, County Attorney or other designee of the Brown County Commissioners.


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