Brown County Commission 1.8.18

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session Monday, Jan. 8. Members present were Steve Roberts, Keith Olsen and Dwight Kruse. Also present were County Clerk Melissa Gormley and Deputy County Clerk Dawn Boyles.

Bids for the 2018 official county newspaper were as follows: Horton Headlight with a bid of $2 per column inch. The commissioners accepted Horton Headlight’s bid of $2 per column inch.

NEK Multi County Health CEO Kristin Watkins discussed the Brown County Home Health Services. Hiawatha Hospital will be eliminating the Home Health Services on April 30. Also present were Kristina Romine, Susanna Cooper, Mark Sudbeck, Russ Stover, Jeremy Stover, Gary McIntosh, Jenny Knudson and Jeff Shelton. The commission suggests Watkins visit with the other counties involved and report back to the commission.

Gormley discussed a mistake in fees in the 2018 Hamm’s Agreement with the commission. Kruse visited with Charlie Sedlock of Hamm’s and Sedlock will send a revised Agreement to Brown County Clerk’s Office.

Department Reports

Brown County Sheriff John Merchant reported there are 27 inmates — 21 males and six females — currently at the Brown County Jail.

Also at the meeting:

The Jan. 3, 2018, payroll was approved as follows: General, $65,565.68; Road and Bridge, $12,576.08; Election, $1,625.77; Technology, $455.32; Appraiser, $6,940.01; Noxious Weed, $1,380; ACC, $6,019.58; JJA Core, $6,704.19; ACE Fund, $155.30; Services for Elderly, $2,025; Solid Waste, $2,481.32; Special MVT, $2,500; Employee Benefit FICA, $6,913.10; and Employee Benefit KPERS, $8,668.04. After State Unemployment and Workers Compensation of $110.99 and Insurance of $3,160.57 were taken out the total was 120,737.83.

The commissioners decided to approve Ryan E. Shockley, Andy L. Trant, and John Merchant Jr. for Emergency Vehicle Permits.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 18-01, which appoints Steve Roberts as 2018 Brown County Commission Chairman.

The commissioners approved the Jan. 2 minutes.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 18-02, which designates the following as the official 2018 Brown County Banks: for checking and investments — Citizens State Bank and Trust Company and Morrill and Janes Bank.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 18-03, which designates the Horton Headlight as the 2018 legal Brown County newspaper, with the Hiawatha World to also publish many of the same legal publications.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 18-04, approving the 2018 Brown County Personnel Policy effective Jan.1.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 18-05, which adopts the GAAP Waiver policy for auditing purposes.

The commissioners approved Resolution No. 14-07, which re-appoints Bryon Bigham as the District Coroner of the 22nd Judicial District for a four-year term.

The commissioners decided to reappoint Jim Scherer to the NEK CAP Board of Directors.

Gormley presented the commission with the Horton EMS Ambulance Agreement for their approval. The commissioners accepted and signed the ambulance agreement with CAH Acquisition Company No. 3, LLC doing business as Horton Community Hospital effective Jan. 1.

Gormley discussed issues and concerns with employees entering the building.

The next meeting was held Tuesday, Jan. 16. These minutes were not available at The Herald’s press time.

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