Brant recalls ‘Community of Kindness’

Dear Editor,

Acts of Kindness, where can they be found? Yes, right here in Sabetha, Kansas. How many would you guess happen daily, hourly and even minutes? For years when I would return home and saw that Sabetha water tower, I would say, “How glad I am calling this community my home, so glad I am back.” If I were to make a list of the citizens of Sabetha from whom I and many others have received, not just one act of kindness, but many, it would probably fill my 250 words.

Now after almost 80 years as a Sabetha citizen and as an elderly person, I receive so many “Acts of Kindness” almost every day. Had two today to see if I needed groceries. Friends offer transportation regularly. Neighbors check every day to see that I am ok. Bring me my mail and “what do you need?” Fellow church people are truly like a loving family to me and many others. Words can never be adequate to express how grateful I am I live in “The Community of Kindness, Sabetha.”

Today I was the recipient of a special kindness from two little boys, Ezekiel Stevens, age 7, and Isaiah Stevens, age 5. They visit me weekly, but today they brought gifts, which they paid for themselves out of their savings (piggybanks, maybe?) and it wasn’t even my birthday or special occasion, just a great “Act of Kindness” that I shall always remember.

Peggy Brant


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