More scams hit area

The Sabetha Police Department would like to warn area residents to be aware of scams.

Scams come in many shapes be it over the internet, over the phone, through the mail and even door-to-door. Scams are all trouble, and can ruin your credit, deplete savings and put you out of your hard earned money, and recovering from a scam can be extremely difficult.

In a technological age, scams are still ran through the mail, sometimes even sending you fake money orders asking you to simply cash the money order, and send them back a difference. What happens is that you are then responsible for cashing a false money order, and it is on you to pay that back. Or perhaps you have won an international lottery and in order to receive the millions, you only have to pay the taxes.

A letter brought to our attention this past week was from overseas and said a man had inherited a large sum and only needed your help to get it. Send them money and they would repay it 10 times over.

All of these are scams and come through the mail. Please pass this information along to loved ones and especially the elderly, as they are a prime target for phone and letter scams.

Always be weary of anyone that is contacting you and wanting money, or personal information, and be aware that scams come in many shapes and forms. You should never have to pay money to get money, and if it sounds too good to be true, than it is probably not true.

If you have any questions or concerns, or perhaps you have been contacted and you would like some assistance in what you should do, feel free to contact the Sabetha Police Department at 785-284-2158.

Robert Wahwasuck2 Posts

Robert Wahwasuck currently serves as Chief of Police for the Sabetha Police Department.


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