SES students names Sabetha’s Kindest Citizens

Kindest Citizen: Jacob Frey

Sabetha Elementary kindergarten student Taylor Georg, son of Darin and Kara Georg, nominates Jacob Frey as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. Pictured are (L-R) Jacob Frey, Taylor Georg, Kara Georg and Darin Georg.













Submitted by Taylor Georg kindergarten

Jacob Frey is my Kindest Sabetha Citizen. He has helped me learn to swim and play basketball. He always helps kids laugh, smile and learn to get better. He picks me up and takes me to lunch at Pizza Hut. He likes pop just like me and shares. He is going to be an O.T. and help kids in schools. He’s like a big brother. I love him and he loves me.


Kindest Citizen: Jayne Snyder

Sabetha Elementary first grade student Lucas Keim, son of Sam and Amy Keim, nominates Jayne Snyder as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. Pictured are (L-R) Jayne Snyder, Lucas Keim, Henry Keim, Sam Keim and Amy Keim.













By Lucas Keim 1st grade

To me Jayne is my kindest sabetha citizen because she is nice. She lets us play with her toys. Jayne teacher us stuff an gives us treats. I think Jayne is thoutful.


Kindest Citizens: Ruth and Mike Oom

Sabetha Elementary second grade student Anvay Bhatteja, son of Amit and Shilpy Bhatteja, nominates Ruth and Mike Oom as the Kindest Sabetha Citizens. Pictured are (L-R) Amit Bhatteja holding Advay Bhatteja, Shilpy Bhatteja, Anvay Bhatteja, Ruth Oom and Mike Oom.













Submitted by Anvay Bhatteja second grade

To me, Miss Ruth and Mr. Mike are my Kindest Sabetha Citizens because they are very nice. Miss Ruth gives me a ride back to home when my mom is not there to pick me. They don’t forget my birthday and presents for me on my birthday and Christmas. I love to spend time with them we celebrate holidays together. Miss Ruth sends me letters when she visits places. They bake yummy chocolate chip cookies. They gifted a baby tree on my birthday which is now taller than me. I like them very much.


Kindest Citizen: Lana Parton

Sabetha Elementary third grade student Sydney Shafer, daughter of Steve and Julie Shafer, nominates Lana Parton as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. Pictured are (L-R) Julie Shafer, Sydney Shafer and Lana Parton.













By Sydney Shafer 3rd grade

To me, Lana is the kindest Sabetha citizen because she is always happy to see all the kids that ride her bus. I always love Lana’s kindness and patience when someone is late. I also love how each holiday she gives out treat baskets to all of the kids on my bus when we are dropped off.

Lana is always on time and is a very safe bus driver on icy, wet and snowy roads. I miss her very much when she is absent or has to have a substitute to drive the bus. The best part is that every morning she greets us by saying, “Good morning” with a great big smile.

She also is very careful crossing highway 75 and always keeps us safe. She is very thoughtful about what we wear to school each day and she reminds us to “Make sure you bring hats, gloves, and scarves” when the weather is really cold. She even makes sure that we get off at the right stop at the right time. That is why I chose my bus driver, Lana, for the kindest Sabetha citizen!


Kindest Citizens: John and Elaine Mowder

Sabetha Elementary fourth grade student Wyatt Lierz, son of Lane Lierz, nominates Elaine and John Mowder as the Kindest Sabetha Citizens. Pictured are (L-R) Lane Lierz, Wyatt Lierz, Elaine Mowder and John Mowder.













Submitted by Wyatt Lierz 4th grade

When we moved to Sabetha we were very lucky to move beside a Special Couple. They had lived there a few years before we did. They don’t have kids at home anymore but loved to have kids next door.

My neighbors names are John and Elaine Mowder. John is a great help when I need anything. He helped when I fell off my bicycle and came to check to see if I was OK. He even helped when my scooter had a bolt fall out and he fixed it so I could ride again.

John’s wife Elaine wanted a garden. I helped John put bricks around and rock in the bottom of his garden bed. Then we put dirt in the bed so they could plant vegetables. Elaine one year didn’t want all of her tomatoes and peppers so she gave them to us so we could make homemade salsa.

John, Elaine and I like to play with their dog. The dog is a small light tan dog and likes to run. We throw the ball and the dog will chase after it and brings the ball back to us. Once in awhile he will keep the ball and run off with it for himself.

I wish everyone was as lucky as I am to have such fun with my neighbors. Maybe you should take the time to go visit your neighbors and see if they are half as nice as mine.


Kindest Citizen: Sue Rokey

Sabetha Elementary fifth grade student Morgan Toedman, daughter of Tate and Sara Toedman, nominates Sue Rokey as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. Pictured are (L-R) Sue Rokey, Morgan Toedman, Sara Toedman and Tate Toedman.












By Morgan Toedman 5th grade

To me, Sue Rokey is my Kindest Sabetha Citizen because she gives a huge amount of time and effort to the youth who live in the Sabetha area. There are many ways in which she works hard for people in the community. In all of them she is kind toward other people.

She is very involved with 4-H programs. She serves as a leader of the Busy Jayhawkers 4-H Club. She also organizes meetings for the Busy Jayhawkers. Sue shares important information about the many projects in 4-H. Also, she encourages us to help in many community services projects.

Sue has also been a big help by being one of the Swim Team coaches for many years. She plans practices that are scheduled twice a day. She is always encouraging about your performance. Also, she wants you to get better at swimming more than winning the races. Most importantly she hopes you are having fun in Swim Team.

Sue is a dedicated teacher at Sabetha Middle School. She gives extra time and attention to her students, both in their studies and their feelings. Sue meets students each day with a smile and always has a kind word. Also, she is supportive of her school and the other teachers.

Personally, she also makes my brother and I feel welcome in her home. She treats us like family. She has us over and always makes us feel special and that she is excited to spend time with us.

For these reasons, I believe that Sue Rokey should be considered as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen.


Sabetha Elementary kindergarten student Emrie Niehues wins the K-1 Drawing Contest for the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. She wrote the following on her drawing, “I choose Mrs. Ruth because she is nice to everyone and she always compliments people.”
Sabetha Elementary kindergarten student Emrie Niehues, daughter of Eric and Ashley Niehues, nominates Ruth Oom as the Kindest Sabetha Citizen. Pictured are (L-R) Ashley Niehues, Raelie Niehues, Emrie Niehues and Ruth Oom. Emrie was the winner of the K-1 Drawing Contest.

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